Question (Visual Bug) - Any way to retain original sunsword visual?


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Have just gotten myself the Echo of the Sunsword and glamered it, made a cosmetic item of it and noticed that the appearance of BOTH the weapon and the cosmetic changes from its original appearance to a bugged one, wherein a part (light effect?) from near the hilt is missing and the weapon becomes visibly smaller.

The visual bug happens when moving from one location to another location (e.g. Harbor to Marketplace, going inside a quest, etc.), and the weapon/cosmetic *may* revert back to its original appearance when moving to another location.

Equipping and re-equipping the weapon/cosmetic (even all items or equipment) does not revert it back to its original appearance when already bugged in a loaded location.

Logging out and logging back in reverts it back to its original appearance in ANY location but will become bugged again when moving to another location.

So in the hopes of getting some answers from the cosmetic masterminds in the forum, is there any way to retain the weapon's original appearance?

P.S. - Have tried applying Glamered Weapon Aura (when in original visual appearance) to no effect, the visual bug still appears when moving to another location.

Original Visual Appearance

Bugged Visual


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I think this issue has been around forever, and I don't believe there was any talk of any way to fix it. There was some mention of persistent effects, but that appears to be more to do with everyone seeing the same thing, and whether a glamer was on or not; rather than in relation to the actual Sunswords own natural effect fading out on a zone switch.

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I have 3 of the original Sunswords. It's ugly, I wouldn't waste a glamour on it. As to your issue, it's bound to be borked. A short sword with bastard sword properties vs undead. Might be that cross-over is what's causing your issue.
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