re: Important Note: Upcoming Change to Bind Status of Vecna Unleashed Artifacts


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With the launch of Vecna Unleashed, all of the new Artifacts in the expansion pack's loot were inadvertently left as Bound to Account. Their intended bind status is Bind to Character.

In an upcoming Patch, these Artifacts will change to Bind to Character.

Artifacts that will be changing to Bound to Character in this change include:
  • The Shadow Flight
  • The Kept Descent
  • The Traveling Flow
  • The Mocking Passage
  • The Furious Voyage
  • The Devouring Way

To Dev Team,

Since the Vecna Artifacts are changing to BtC, would it be possible to give these Artifacts a chance to be dropped from the hidden/trapped chests and the optional chests? It will give us more incentives to do the hidden trapped/locked chests and the optional chests. And it will be easier to farm the Artifacts for the correct toon we want to have.

BtA is preferable, but if that is not feasible, than more chance to drop in the side chests (instead of only end chest) will be fine.



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I am completely baffled that these items, most of which will be all but utterly useless for any given build, will be BtC instead of BtA. Makes zero sense, unless they just need to content to be grindier for some reason.


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Particularly galling is since they were initially BtA, I'm sure many people stored them on a mule as I did. I just logged in to find that they're now BtC and I now have almost a dozen useless artifacts. Would certainly be nice to be able to trade them once since it was your mistake? Not everyone religiously reads update patches.