Returning DDO Streamer


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Hello everyone!

I had been a DDO streamer in the past and life kind of got in the way for a bit, but I'm back now. I stream on Kick, and I will be creating a new YouTube channel in the near future. You can watch me play DDO here:

Please be sure to follow so you get notified when my stream goes live. Vecna content will be coming on/after the 1st of next month.

Thank you and I hope to see you there!

PS - I am open to suggestions for conent. This channel isn't for me, it's to keep you guys entertained and informed. Any insight as to how I can continue to keep you entertained and informed is always welcome.


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It would be nice if you can invite newbies to your gaming sessions :)
Heck yeah! Uh... I work a weird job that only let's me stream in the very early hours. I'm talking like 4:30AM on Wednesday and Thrusday morning PST, or later in the afternoon after 4:30PM. But if you're free around those times I can totally play some DDO with you. PM if you're still interested in that because I'd love to talk about it more.

And that extends to anyone! I'm always willing to have anyone join a session of mine. Or I can join you. Whatever works.