Silly question from noob - how do I view the front of my character in game?


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Mouse wheel out a bit and rotate using the right mouse button. May be the left mouse button for you. One of them will rotate your character and the other will rotate the camera around you character.


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Middle mouse button is the free camera rotate for me where I can move it without my character turning.
Thanks so much! I'll try those suggestions. I didn't realize this board was so active - I just downloaded the game (after having played it a few hours about 8 years ago, lol) - out of curiosity and nostalgia. Looks like there are still a fair amount of players, even some leveling, maybe alts. Very cool!


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Welcome back!

Just an fyi, there is a hardcore event currently going on that is it's own server, so the normal servers may seem less populated than normal. As people finish their hardcore journeys they will come back to the live servers.

Also, you can change what lets you move the camera like that to whatever you prefer. iirc the option is called MMO Interact/Orbit (options > keymapping)