So, I bought the Ultimate Fan Bundle of Vecna Unleashed and some features are missing.


I have:

Gilded Warforged Owl
Tiny Flameskull

Ancient Lich's Steed
Academic's Steed

Monster Manual 9

I've unlocked Machrotechnic in Arcane Sphere and I did get the extra 10 slots in Account Bank (I think though, not 100% sure).

What I'm missing:

I. Tome of Universal Enhancement
II. Morgrave Academic's Cosmetic Outfit Set
III. Ancient Lich Cosmetic Outfit Set
IV. Wererat Rogue Heroic Hireling
V. Wererat Rogue Legendary Hireling
VI. Character Bank (20 Slots, limit 1 per account)
VII. Vaunt Arcane Assistant 2.0 Sentient Jewel
VIII. Teleport to Morgrave University