Spellsinger gear


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Good day all,

My current end game Spellsinger was geared out when Sharn went live and I have not touched him since. I am looking for some recommendations from fellow bards on the best current gear layout to max out Enchantment DCs as well as covering the usual stat and defensive requirements. I do have all packs but am unsure about IoD crafting and I think most of my current gear is obsolete or can be bettered. Any assistance or advice is much appreciated.



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lod crafting is really only if you plan on doing endgame raids and high reapers. If you're going to be reincarnating, or just running r1-4 for some points, you don't need anything too fancy. A 3-piece esoteric (sharn) and 4 piece winter is usually what I go for on my bards. That usually easily covers all the important stuff. The artifact int belt from fey is nice because, while it's int, it's also 2 sets and I believe a pile of MRR.


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Without being perfect, echoes of the walking ancestors, legendary elder's set, winter boots/ring or belt/bracers/orb will get you through most things! You could replace echoes set with feywild dreamer set and elyd edge necklace from killing time but that's a raid item. An arguement could be made for a 7 piece autumn set from feywild instead of dreamer and elder's but some of the autumn items are just bad other than the set bonus. You could also potentially use slaver's if you have mats from before, can make some decent items.

For weapon, the dryad rapier is the best if you don't plan to do serious dino crafting, morninglord scepter otherwise or the fussible scepters from lordsmarch.