Subscription payment failure to process unknown error


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My renewal was due on the 3rd, Steam says you auto-charged me for it, my bank says you charged me for it.
Your store says it didn't process and I need to manually pay you, even though I already did pay.

There are a lot of things I can wait on to get fixed, charging me money then claiming you
didn't get it is not one of them.

Is it really wise to be messing up the payment system on a game this old?


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The game itself knows that I am VIP, I have access to elite dungeons and I have the correct number of
character slots etc. But the store itself does not know this. It thinks I am a premium or free player and is not giving me
my allotment of coins and it is displaying links offering me to become VIP (I already am one)
So the issue is in the store itself.
While everyone is waiting for the store to get fixed it would be nice if you could figure out a way
to reimburse folks that are being shorted store coins.


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Ah got an email
Yes, you have a problem
we are too busy
we will not help you at this time
we might be able to help you later.

ok, no more money for you.
rather simple really.
If you can not give players the benefits promised for a subscription, why should we pay for one?


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Well, something is broken. I bought 3 months VIP May 10., and it expired 8. sep...
Do the math.
4 months of VIP for the price of 3. Neat.
(Did not get 4 payouts of DDO points though. Transaction log only shows 2, but I am fairly sure I got 3. The first from the intial signup for VIP is missing.)