the big bold fonts on the new forums, how to temp make them smaller to read


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Hey Sarlona peeps, (and everyone)
I found the big giant Bold fonts a bit much on the new forums,
so I figured out a temporary way to make the fonts regular size:
It is bit of long bunch of clicking but:
Go to Home page,
Click on the 'New posts' button, which is right under the 'Home' button,
click on the 'Mark Forums Read' button at the top right corner of the forum column, hit the confirmation box as yes, and the big giant Fonts are now regular size,
If you want to see all the new posts as smaller now, then you have to click the 'New Posts' again, go to the white shaded button that says 'show only unread' by top left and uncheck it, says ' remove this filter ' click it and boom ~you will see all the new posts as regular font everywhere ... **whew** so you may have to do this every day until the forums change I'm guessing, but for me it makes it all a bit easier on the eyes ;)
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