Transmutation DC - Current Max

Morning Everyone:

Just curious what is the max Transmutation DC achievable in the game currently? I'm in the low 120 range (depends on the spell) and I know I can get to the 124-126 range with a gnome bombadier build but I'm curious what my fellow alchie's are able to achieve.



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Max with trade-offs? (Lower spell power etc)

I think it would be over 130, I want to say ~144 maybe 150 on gnome/DG/drow, solo, but that's still doing silly stuff.

Like fatesinger main tree, all int & dc filigree (quad raid, double serpent int + two more for 4pc, double zarigans int, eotb int & other for 4pc,4x other int), w/earth scion, dino staff, reaper hat & rings, triple SF feats, arcane insight, yugo/rem pots, racial/heroic triple comp, reaper boosting, alchi spiking, that kind of thing
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Preface: I have not played alchemist since they changed the cores so I am working off Wiki descriptions.

With 122 Int (see my recent Wizard thread for breakdown) and going Apothecary as main tree:

16 Base (20 Mass frog)
56 Int
11 Feat (SF:T, GSF:T, ESF:T, 3PL Ach, 1 PL Wiz, Scion)
2 Embolden
10 Destiny
4 Reaper
1 Ship
25 Gear (6 Equip, 3 Insight, 3 arti, 3 prof, 2 qual, 2 sacred, 2 Aug, 2 Exceptional, 2 reaper)
5 Filigree
4 Enhancement
133 Total (137 Mass frog)
1 Reaction (Apo core)
5 Spike
139 Total Spiking (143 Mass Frog)
3 Reaper Boost
6 Arcane Insight
148 Total Boosted (152 Mass Frog)

You can better this by dropping Mass frog and going T5 Fatesinger for example but whats the point in max Transmutation without mass frog?


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If you're not sacrificing all your damage to get there I believe it's in the range of low 130s if you've got everything maxed out, reaper hat, 2 reaper rings, every past life etc.

If you're going absolutely balls to the walls highest boosting screenshot number it's high 140s or low 150s