TWF build for End Game


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Then what's the current best build and gearing? Human STR Khopesh?
"Best" is a subjective word that I don't like to use as it is too up to interpretation. I'll just say "strong" instead.

Currently the strongest pure Tempest I know is playing a dex-based Asimar Scimitar build.

I'm currently running a pure shifter dark-hunter. Shifter has a ton of advantages as it's able to rage and get STR very high for a tempest. I'm has a few more DH lives so I'll try something else but so far this is very strong.

Wood elf is good, Horc is good. Seeing a lot of 15/5 pally tempests popping up lately and many of them are horc.

Human STR Khopesh can be okay if you have no racial AP, it might even be the right option if you have none. But Longsword is a better choice as there are better longswords in the game.

You'll want to go through all the races anyway, try them out and see what best fits your style.


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I play a str base WELF Dark Hunter. It's pretty good. I would guess that the 15 pally 5 ranger is probably better. The KOTC tree is just really good, probably one of the strongest melee trees in game, and paladin 15 gets you back most of what you lose by not going pure ranger with spells. Plus you get exalted smite which is just a superior attack to anything that ranger has. Also a nice imbue. Pure paladin TWF might even be better... I just really like DOD and rest of tier 5 tempest. The rest of tempest tree is not particularly exciting though.

Race wise I really like Welf and Aasimar. Welf gets you 8 doublestrike, if you're willing to rage, and +4 damage with longswords... Aasimar +10 melee power, heal amp, and 4 healing hands. A Horc female on screen is just a little more than I can bare.
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Both Welf and Aasimar can yield 100% standing doublestrike without raging for both STR and DEX tempests. I think Sexy Dexy Aasimar has a small leg up over STR Welf primarily due to better gearing options. Overall, any STR tempest will do a just a little more DPS per hit; BUT if you play aggressively, a Sexy Dexy will keep you alive longer, and still hit exceptionally well. I play both STR Welf and DEX Aasimar, and both have a common baseline of PLs. If I need to get **** done, I go with Sexy Dexy. If I'm casually soloing R4-5, I'll roll with the Welf. I agree with Teh-Troll's comment; "best" is subjective, "Strong" should be what we're all after. ...and maces are a trap
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I'm currently running a pure shifter dark-hunter. Shifter has a ton of advantages as it's able to rage and get STR very high for a tempest.

Sorry for slight necro, but I need an opinion on this. As a raging tempest, is it possible to get enough fortification bypass for end game, without precission?


+30% strikethrough from 5 piece dreadbinger filigree. If I can get over 100 fort bypass with a sentient 2 handed weapon with PA running, you can do it on a one handed weapon and likely easier as a ranger.

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Anyone have a build to post an outline of or a complete build to 31 for a TWF Assimar Scourge Ranger build? I am fine with Multi-classing as long as it is better than pure ranger.

Any help on Stats, Feats, etc is appreciated. I have a +8 tome with 8 Racial live, heroic and epic completionist..

Thanks in advance.
I'm trying this 13rog / 6 rng / 1monk build, but leveling is a pain.

Str based, sun stance for crit multi, longsword via whirling steel, and tier 5 ranger for strikethrough, and tier 4 for dodge clicky.

self heal is kinda bad thou, but maybe on aasimar it's slightly better.