Underdark Cosmetic packs Limited Release was too Limited


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Is there any way to re-release the Underdark Cosmetic pack again and extend it's purchase timeline? I just thought it was barely readily available, also the Black Panther Mount is great but look at the coin price? $80 of coins I'd need for a mount. If this was a limited release test pack I think it could have been executed better. I could have gotten the pack and somehow paid for it if it was available longer.....geez.......now I'll have to be happy with my Bone Devil Horse Mount that is still available to buy in store.....please re-release the Mount maybe in during night revels or something...


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Considering the storage needs to be fixed for some purchasers and that absolutely steered some customers off from purchasing, they certainly should offer the sale again. They never claimed it was an exclusive one time only deal, only limited time. So I'm guessing it will swing back around eventually but it may be quite a wait.