Unholy Avatar, what makes it work?


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I'm currently a negative based Alchemist with a splash of Wizard to make me undead and healed by all my spells, saw Unholy Avatar in Pale Master, and thought I could get it to work with my Alchemist spells somehow, but it doesn't seem to proc with any Alchemist negative energy spell, and doesn't seem to work with death aura. Does it have to be direct damage like Negative Energy Burst or something?
Straight up looks like I took a 4th level of wizard for nothing, which sucks.

After picking up the SLA's for Pale Master, it does appear that alchemist spells just dont work at all. The SLA's from PM work, and strip their immunity, but it doesn't allow alchemist spells to bypass, even though it just says it strips their immunity for 30 seconds.
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