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When it came time for my VIP subscription renewal this month the payment failed. I am unsure if this is indicative of the expansion purchase problem or something else, but I am eager to find a solution. A customer service agent told me to delete all payment methods and reinstall the game and that would fix the problem. Since the advice was received, I have religiously followed the steps given and reinstalled the game 3 times. Unfortunately the alleged solution didn't work and I still cannot get the system to accept any of my credit cards. An IT expert told me that the problem probably isn't localized in my system but is most probably an issue with SSG's database. I'm sure you will appreciate the frustration from a loyal customer who has been with you since 2009. I am no longer VIP and am missing out on my free gold rolls, DDO points and a multitude of other benefits. Please find a way to accept my payment, so I can continue as a VIP. If you wish, you could email me your bank details and a reference number, and I would be happy to transfer the funds directly whilst you work on making your payment system a little more customer friendly. I will monitor this thread and look forward to receiving some good news soon.
My follow up letter today to SSG, not that I'm expecting a response...

Hi SSG Help,

In lieu of the promised management call back within 5 business days (today is the 5th day), I tried once more to reload the game and follow the payment instructions received from Sir Michael Jones (is he really a British knight or is that just a mistake in his title?). This time I also deleted all DDO related files from my hard drive, as someone had suggested that might also be the problem. When I tried to pay for the 1 year VIP subscription I received the following screen message. Please pass this on to the management will the previous notes, so they have all the information when they eventually decide to contact me.



M D (PommieMick)
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