Warchanter Level Split


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Hi all,
Considering a THF warchanter for my next life. This is for a heroic static group so likely to do heroics on R1 and then some low epics before TR.
Looks like Warchanter recently got some love and Feydark has opened up some options for pure CHA. However, I’m undecided on multiclass splits.
Option 1: Bard 13, FVS 1, Kensai 6
Gets trance and magical training for feydark, crit multiplier from kensai core 6, and warchanter T5s. I’m leaning towards this one for spinning ice
Option 2: Bard 13, FVS 1, Barbarian 6
Gets strikethrough bonuses and 1 more crit multiplier but locks out Warchanter 5s. I also am not sure how managing the skaldic rage vs barb rage works as barb would presumably block casting still and the bonuses don’t stack?

Would love to hear thoughts on the above. Undecided on race as well if any advice. I’d plan for the usual thf feats, tactical feats if space, and quicken for heals



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I have the 6 fighter version. It also allows you to either go for 20 MP from the kensei t4 active attack OR get the defensive stance from SD w/ buckler swashbuckling for 25 extra prr + a guardbreaking buckler if you wanted to go SWF w/ cleaves instead of 2hand.