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Searched everywhere in the loot room doe anybody know where i can find slave lords gear? need it for a gearset im making and i dont really wanna run slave lords on lamannia


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Sorry to hijack this thread, but I don't deserve my own thread...

Is it possible to get filigree's on Lammania somehow? I keep them in crafting storage on live, so they didn't transfer. No worries if not. I will know for next time. I tried to create a mule on Live to load up with filigree's to transfer but I keep getting mail's saying it failed to copy. Maybe it has to be older than 1 hour or whatever to be elligible to transfer.

Also am I right in thinking that the DPS dummies actually report the time taken to 'defeat' them, rather than reporting DPS? That would tie in with what I was seeing in that the number reduced as I made what I was hoping were improvement's to my character!

Thanks in advance, if anyone can spare the time to answer.


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you cannot get slavers stuff without running slavers (because it is before u37 and loot guys only have 37+) and you can get gen 1 filigrees on lam but not 2 and 3