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  • Character stuck in limbo. Used a DDoor in Jungle of Khyber and got stuck on a frozen load screen. Had to kill the game, tried relogging multiple times, logged onto other characters, logged onto other servers, rebooted computer...still stuck in limbo. Let me add this to reasons I can't recommend ddo to potential new players. :(
    Update: CS restored his character last night, as well as his character inventory, but not his TR cache (which was mentioned on the FAQ for restoring lost characters) or his PERSONAL CHARACTER BANK. That was NOT mentioned in the FAQ. If that is something SSG can't/won't restore, then the related web page should really be updated. While you're at it, put a big permanent notice on the launcher and TOS that says "at any point, your character might randomly be deleted and you won't get everything back because we don't save it all/back it all up. Would you still like to accept these conditions/install/regrind thousands of hours of progress anyway even though the error was in no way your fault?" The fact that this can happen at all AND SSG won't responsibly store player data will drive people away from the game more than a nerf cycle, personal attacks on a forum that go moderated, or negative feedback to a poll. Year of the Dragon? 50th anniversary stuff? Myth Drannor? I was for all this stuff in spite of the ED pass until this fiasco happened. Now I couldn't care less. Poor management has crushed all that. Why would a customer spend a penny more or not simply just walk away when at any moment they could lose everything. Why make the investment in the first place. Why care? Why would you ever expect anyone to recommend someone dive into a system like that and try to pass it off as fun and enjoyable?
    Year of the Dragon? 50th Anniversary of D&D? How about you make the resolution to do better this year, SSG. Make it meaningful, make it right, actually try to turn your product around by focusing on lag, infrastructure, storage, and hardware so players are falling over themselves promoting your game's unique experience instead of leaving with a bitter sense of resentment, loss, and a feeling of time wasted.


    @Cordovan or whomever writes your FAQ page, I suggest you update it. It specifies:
    What will NOT be returned with a Character Undelete?

    Things that will NOT be returned include:

    • Guild information and status
    • Money and Items not yet detached in mail
    • Outstanding auction items and bids
    • Items or equipment in the Reincarnation Cache

      Nowhere does it say you won't get your character bank back as well. Please accurately tell your customers what to expect without leaving things out when you randomly delete our characters, our gear, our hours and hours of progress, grind, purchases, rerolls, ALL OF IT! All without our consent, all without responsibly backing up all our data so it could be retrieved in cases like this where random accidents and glitches happen through no fault of the customer!​
    Update: In light of being told that there was no way to recover his TR cache or character bank, we thought to ask for a character rollback, if possible. We rationalized that it was better to lose a few days progress and items/exp gathered in that time than to lose everything that character had earned in the last year and a half (when this character was created). If that roll back was the server maintenance on Wednesday, it would suck, but it would result in only a few days of exp and items lost. Further back than that would result in a greater loss than that (as we remember less clearly what we have done and what "big wins" in gear we have gotten the longer ago it happened), but ultimately it would be better than losing everything in his bank/cache. Here was the response:


    Except you (SSG) did not follow your own policy which you so kindly linked to us. No where in that said linked policy does it state that you can't recover personal character bank! So on top of the 200+ items in the TR cache gone, he's lost another 70-80 items in his character's personal bank that SSG did not disclose they could not/would not restore in their own policy page.
    It was a lot of work and a lot of trading, but I finally collected enough Astral Shards to get my little family guild our Daedalan Kraken. Very happy setting it up and watching them run around (and get lost) on it 🥰
    (Thank you to whomever bought the Card of Curse Cleansing I had posted on the Exchange, you were our top contributor and the big push that helped get this much sooner than expected. I hope your reroll gets you a more desirable result!)

    That moment when you realized you're level 12 and still haven't put your reaper boost on your hotbar... Sandbag!
    Catching up your guildmate when they've fallen behind sometimes feels like you have an axe (...er, falchion) hanging over your head at times!
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