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  • First time doing Baba's today. Thank you for letting a new player join your R1 group!
    It was a lot of work and a lot of trading, but I finally collected enough Astral Shards to get my little family guild our Daedalan Kraken. Very happy setting it up and watching them run around (and get lost) on it 🥰
    (Thank you to whomever bought the Card of Curse Cleansing I had posted on the Exchange, you were our top contributor and the big push that helped get this much sooner than expected. I hope your reroll gets you a more desirable result!)

    That moment when you realized you're level 12 and still haven't put your reaper boost on your hotbar... Sandbag!
    Catching up your guildmate when they've fallen behind sometimes feels like you have an axe (...er, falchion) hanging over your head at times!
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