Accidently deleted in-game mail with shard exchange purchases.


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I submitted an in game TT, but for whatever reason I am unable to log in to the "help" support, although I can log into the forums and myaccount @ SSG, I constantly get and invalid email/password issue.

I just purchased 3 rare technomage filigrees on Sarlona. I had been playing all day and was constantly deleting ALL messages, well I accidently deleted ALL of my recent shard exchange auction winnings. Is it or will it be possible for that to be restored? it was 120 shards.

Mand O'Lin

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I have the same problem logging into the help support. Every single time (without exception) I need to do a password reset.


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i don't think it's possible to delete mail with attachments. Maybe check your bags.
This has always been the case for me*. Of course, DDO being DDO, bugs are very possible. But in any case, try and check bags and inventory, just in case.

* I even tried deleting a bag I had bought from the Store, and it kept coming back in lost and found... had to put in a ticket to get it removed in the end.