Barbarian archetype idea


It occurred to me that it is not necessary to develop new enhancement trees for new archetypes.
That's what I tried. What do you think about it?


Totem Warrior - Barbarian archetype​

I used the bear and wolf forms, as I think they are the only druid animal forms that can be paired with the barbarian. Although it can be further expanded with additional totems and forms - even for druids.

Enhancement tree:
  • Wolf totem (Stalker): Ravager, Frenzied Breserker & Nature's Warrior | ver 2. Ravager,Nature's Warrior & Deepwood Stalker
  • Bear totem (Warden): Occult Slayer,Frenzied Breserker & Nature's Protector | ver 2. Occult Slayer, Nature's Protector & Vanguard

  • Level 1: Choose your totem: Wolf or Bear & gain Druidic Oath
  • Level 2: Wild Emphaty
  • Level 3 Totem's power (cooldown 12/6sec): Maul (bear) or Takedown (wolf)
  • Level 6 Totem's power (cooldown 18/9sec): Shred (bear) or Baiting Bite (wolf)
  • Level 9 Totem's power (cooldown 30/15sec): Roar (bear) or Jaws of Doom (wolf) or Jaws of Winter
  • Level 12 Totem's power (cooldown 60/30sec): Tremor (bear) or Howl of Terror (wolf)
Totem's power: You can use these power of totem animal (equal effect with named spells without SP use), cooldowns halved while in Totem form (rage).
ver.2. Can use only in Torem form with halved cooldowns.
DC 10 + Half Barbarian level + Strength bonus + <type> bonus

  • wolf totem: all Barbarian Damage Reduction
  • bear totem: Uncanny Dodge & Improved Uncanny Dodge



You partially take on the form of your totem for the duration of your rage. While breaking the oath, cannot use totem and drudic powers (totem form & totem's powers, natures tree), but you can rage as normal barbarian.

You become half-wolf (~werewolf) or half-bear. This is not a complete transformation, you still use your own weapons and equipment. You do not gain natural weapons, can't learn/use Natural Fighting, you still use the weapon styles.

Barbarian rage grants the following addition bonuses in totem form:

Wolf totem form:

  • +10% Combat Style bonus to attack speed,
  • +10% enhancement bonus to movement speed,
  • +3 bonus to attack while flanking,
  • +1d6 sneak attack damage,
  • -2 penalty to Intelligence and Charisma.
Bear totem form:

  • +2 racial bonus to constitution,
  • +10% exceptional bonus to AC,
  • all basic attacks Strikethrough as long as you are not in the Defensive Fighting stance,
  • -2 penalty to Intelligence and Charisma.

A good part of your Druid-derived abilities (from Nature tree) are only available this way for the duration of the rage (should be treated as equivalent to the wolf or bear forms in Nature trees).

You don't have spell points, you have to get it from other sources for magical abilities. (wolf: Ghost Wolf Pack, Alpha Strike --- bear: Great Maul, Lightning Strikes the Mountain)