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Surprised no one had copied this over yet. This was always my go to post when I needed a collectable:

January 2017 Update:
As this guide has gotten more popular, people have messaged me for permission to use it for other projects I have added a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. This means anyone is free to Share & Adapt this work for non-commercial purposes, provided they give basic attribution (for which a link to this post would suffice) and inform others the work contains the above license. Author shall be known as "Dancing Hawktopus". Basically, use this guide as you wish so long as you're not profiting off my work.

Want this collectables guide in program form, integrated into an awesome crafting planner? EllisDee has you covered!

I. Background
II. My System
III. Types, Tiers, and Rarities For All Crafting Collectables
IV. Most Efficient Quests By Type & Tier Chart
V. Farming Quest Walkthroughs
<Note: Ctrl+F for your collectable name to identify its type & tier, then search its type & tier (e.g. T5 Natural) to find which quests to farm.>

I put in ~30 hours of work making this guide to efficient collectables farming for the DDO community following U32. Every single quest here I have personally run to confirm. Thank you to everyone who helped out!
Remember to double-check your crafting plans before farming:
You can convert Tokens of the Twelve into Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments, often the most expensive part of U32's Cannith Crafting update.
Cultural still works differently than the rest so until the devs confirm the mechanic, take the Cultural section with a grain of salt, though "Any" should still drop the appropriate Culturals.

1. I try to note the node type & number, location, and method for farming, including things like mobs, traps, shrines where possible.
2. I list the *lowest difficulty setting required for the relevant tier*, since it doesn't affect drop rates, and most of these quests you don't finish anyway. Often this means heroic or epic casual. Remember, casual means -1 to base difficulty, but no fewer collectables! That's right, casual will be relevant again, mwahaha!
3. The best Collectables Farming Toon would have Fast Running speed and/or Sprint Boost, AOE burst dps, Dimension Door, Invis, Displacement, Teleport & maybe Greater Teleport. First thing that comes to mind: 18 WLK + 2 BRB/RGR. Destiny: Exalted for wings or Shadowdancer for ddoor.
4. Tiers go by adjusted quest difficulty level, i.e. the level it shows once inside the quest:
Tiers: T1: 1-5, T2: 6-10, T3: 11-15, T4: 16-20, T5: 21-25, T6: 26+. Please make sure you understand this, and run the quests at the appropriate level, as outlined in Parts IV & V.
Collectable Types:
Arcane: Alchemy Table, Scroll Rack, some Bookshelf, some Cabinet, some Crude Altar
Cultural: Mob Treasure Bag
Lore: some Bookshelf, some Cabinet
Natural: Bones, Fungus, Moss, Mushroom, some Crude Altar
Any: Adventurer's Pack, Rubble
Note: "Any" still goes by tier, and will drop any appropriate Arcane, Cultural, Lore, Natural.
5. I started by looking at quests with both Heroic and Epic versions, that crossed multiple Tier thresholds depending on difficulty level. Notation includes base level of the quest for reference. "EC"=Epic Casual, "HC"=Heroic Casual. Farms should be fast early nodes, or else high volume.

T1 Arcane (Levels 1-5): Common: Amber Vial | Uncommon: Vial of Pure Water | Rare: Vial of Contagion
T2 Arcane (Levels 6-10): Common: Skull Fragment, Glittering Dust | Uncommon: Powdered Blood, Sparkling Dust | Rare: Intact Fingerbone, Luminescent Dust
T3 Arcane (Levels 11-15): Common: Ceramic Bowl, Singed Soarwood, Lodestone | Uncommon: Glass Phial, Charred Soarwood, Moonstone | Rare: Crystal Decanter, Lightning-Split Soarwood, Stellar Orb
T4 Arcane (Levels 16-20): Common: Blessed Candle, Ritual Candle | Uncommon: Silver Bowl, Vial of Heavy Water | Rare: Ritual Athame, Oceanic Sphere
T5 Arcane (Levels 21-25): Common: Mortar and Pestle | Uncommon: Fractured Femur | Rare: Prismatic Dust
T6 Arcane (Levels 26+): Common: Brass Censer | Uncommon: Pouch of Bone Fragments | Rare: Vial of Dragon's Blood Ink
* * *
T1 Lore (Levels 1-5): Common: Page torn from a Research Notebook | Uncommon: Khyber Prayer Pamphlet | Rare: Tome: Prophecies of Khyber
T2 Lore (Levels 6-10): Common: Caravan Logbook, Phoenix Tavern Purchase Order | Uncommon: Research Diary, 'Wavecrasher' Cargo Manifest | Rare: Tome: Myths of Old Xen'drik, Tome: Stormreach Imports and Exports, 857 YK
T3 Lore (Levels 11-15): Common: Runic Parchment, Romantic Sonnet | Uncommon: House-Sealed Letter, Silver Flame Hymnal, Scholarly Notes | Rare: Tome: History of the Houses, Tomes: Lost Songs of Cyre, Tomes: Codes of the Aurum
T4 Lore (Levels 16-20): Common: Cryptic Message | Uncommon: Academic Treatise | Rare: Tome: Alchemist's Chapbook
T5 Lore (Levels 21-25): Common: Mystical Formula | Uncommon: Warehouse Ledger | Rare: Encoded Communique
T6 Lore (Levels 26+): Common: Ancient Text | Uncommon: Archaic Logbook | Rare: Adventuring Oratorio
* * *
T1 Natural (Levels 1-5): Common: Sweet Whitecap| Uncommon: Deadly Feverblanch | Rare: Pale Creeper
T2 Natural (Levels 6-10): Common: Withered Cryptmoss, Cryptmoss Worm Larva | Uncommon: Cryptmoss, Cryptmoss Worm | Rare: Lush Cryptmoss, Cryptmoss Queen
T3 Natural (Levels 11-15): Common: Bruised Spore Pod, Sour Darkcap, Duskbrood Trumpeter | Uncommon: Intact Spore Pod, Fragrant Drowshood, Headsman Beetle | Rare: Flowering Spore Pod, Flowering Hellscap, Executioner Beetle
T4 Natural (Levels 16-20): Common: Ruddy Fungus, Swaying Mushroom Cluster | Uncommon: Bloodfeast Fungus, Swaying Mushroom Spore Pod | Rare: Sanguine Moth, Glowmoss Clump
T5 Natural (Levels 21-25): Common: Slime Mold, Zygomycota Fungus | Uncommon: Glowmoss Spores, Blister Beetle | Rare: Scarlet Cryptmoss
T6 Natural (Levels 26+): Common: Crypt Moth | Uncommon: Hairy Trumpet | Rare: Shimmering Spore Pod
* * *
T1 Cultural (Levels 1-5): String of Prayer Beads | Uncommon: Small Wooden Idol | Rare: Icon of Khyber
T2 Cultural (Levels 6-10): Common: Blade of the Dark Six, Funerary Token | Uncommon: Signet of The Devourer, Mark of The Keeper | Rare: Shamanic Totem, Necromantic Gem
T3 Cultural (Levels 11-15): Common: Amulet of the Lost Empire, Small Planar Crystal | Uncommon: Amulet of the Six, Planar Spoor | Rare: Amulet of the Archbishop
T4 Cultural (Levels 16-20): Common: Chipped Bone Talisman | Uncommon: Ivory Scorpion Icon, Polished Ore | Rare: Tear of Vulkoor, Elemental Ingot
T5 Cultural (Levels 21-25): Common: Smoldering Ember | Uncommon: Stone Fetish | Rare: Planar Talisman
T6 Cultural (Levels 26+): Common: Flint Knife | Uncommon: Ornate Charm | Rare: Token of the Spider

A.K.A. the main point of my guide! Usually, but not always, I list the best ones earlier on per tier.
T1 Arcane: Bringing the Light HC, Caged Trolls HC, Tomb of the Sanguine Heart HC
T2 Arcane: Caged Trolls HN, Tomb of the Forbidden HC, Tomb of the Sanguine Heart HH, Tomb of the Unhallowed HC, An Offering of Blood HC
T3 Arcane: Desecrated Temple of Vol HC, Tomb of the Forbidden HN, Tomb of the Unhallowed HN, Multitude of Menace HC, An Offering of Blood HN, A Cabal For One HC, Wheloon Prison Heroic, Mask of Deception HC, Through a Mirror Darkly HC
T4 Arcane: Desecrated Temple of Vol HE, Multitude of Menace HE, An Offering of Blood EC, A Cabal For One HE, Mask of Deception HN, Terminal Delirium HC, Through a Mirror Darkly HN, Schemes of the Enemy HC
T5 Arcane: The House of Rusted Blades EC, An Offering of Blood EN, A Cabal For One EC, Through a Mirror Darkly EC, Wheloon Prison Epic, Terminal Delirium EC, Schemes of the Enemy HE
T6 Arcane: Desecrated Temple of Vol EC, Multitude of Menace EC, A Cabal For One EE, Mask of Deception EC, Terminal Delirium EN, Through a Mirror Darkly EN
"Cultural don't drop from specific dispensers, but instead drop as treasure bags from mobs. Mobs drop treasure bags based on mob type, regardless of CR or quest level. For example, kobolds always drop Strings of Prayer Beads no matter where you encounter them: Butcher's Path Casual, Mired in Kobolds hard, or even in Slave Lords on Legendary Elite. All prayer beads, all the time.

Unfortunately, all mobs are categorized as tier 1-3, so no mobs anywhere drop tier 4, 5 or 6 cultural in treasure bags. (Some high level mobs that should, like yuan-ti, don't appear to drop treasure bags at all.) So instead of treasure bags, farm tier 4-6 cultural with 'Any' dispensers: Adventurer's Packs and Rubble. Fortunately the devs seem to have planned for this, as packs & rubble appear to drop cultural around 40% of the time." ~ EllisDee37

Consider exploring for T1 Cultural, T2 Cultural, T3 Cultural, quests such as Kobold Assault, Gladewatch Outpost Defense, Gateway to Khyber (the Von3 pre-quest, credit to Splunge & EllisDee37), Sorrowdusk Isle slayers, Madstone Crater, Mired in Kobolds.
T1 Cultural: Kobolds, Troglodytes (both 1 & 2?), Wolves
T2 Cultural: Animated Armor, Bugbears, Gnolls, Hobgoblins, Orcs, Skeletons, Troglodytes (both 1 & 2?)
T3 Cultural: Giants, Trolls
T4 Cultural:
T5 Cultural: Elementals
T6 Cultural:
T1 Lore: Protect Baudry's Interest HC, Bringing the Light HC, Mirra's Sleepless Nights HC, Caged Trolls HC, Tangleroot, Haverdasher HC
T2 Lore: Mirra's Sleepless Nights HN, Tomb of the Unhallowed HC, The Church and the Cult HC, Caged Trolls HN, Tangleroot, The Prisoner HC
T3 Lore: The Church and the Cult HE, Tomb of the Unhallowed HN, Grim & Barett HC, The Lords of Dust HC, Eyes of Stone HC, Mask of Deception HC
T4 Lore: Grim & Barret HE, The Lords of Dust EC, The Prisoner EC, Mask of Deception HN, Terminal Delirium HC, Schemes of the Enemy HC
T5 Lore: The Lords of Dust EN, The Prisoner EN, Terminal Delirium EC, Schemes of the Enemy HE
T6 Lore: Grim & Barret EC, Mask of Deception EC, Terminal Delirium EN
T1 Natural: A Small Problem HC, Protect Baudry's Interest HC, Depths, Tangleroot, Tomb of the Sanguine Heart HC
T2 Natural: The Last Stand HC, A Small Problem HH, Tangleroot, Depths, Tomb of the Sanguine Heart HH, The Prisoner HC
T3 Natural: The Last Stand HE, Sinister Storage HC, The Lords of Dust HC, Trial By Fire HC, Fleshmaker's Lab HC
T4 Natural: Breaking the Ranks HC, Sinister Storage HH, A Small Problem EC, The Last Stand EC, The Lords of Dust EC, The Prisoner EC, Fleshmaker's Lab HE, Terminal Delirium HC, Schemes of the Enemy HC
T5 Natural: Breaking the Ranks HE, The Last Stand EN, A Small Problem EH, The Lords of Dust EN, Trial By Fire EC, The Prisoner EN, Terminal Delirium EC, Schemes of the Enemy HE
T6 Natural: Breaking the Ranks EC, Trial by Fire EE, Fleshmaker's Lab EC, Terminal Delirium EN
T1 Any: Depths of Despair HC, Tomb of the Sanguine Heart HC
T2 Any: The Chamber of Rahmat HC, Depths of Despair HE, Tomb of the Sanguine Heart HH, The Prisoner HC
T3 Any: Tavern Brawl HC, The Chamber of Rahmat HN, Madstone Crater HC, A Cabal For One HC, Fleshmaker's Lab HC, The Lords of Dust HC, Desecrated Temple of Vol HC, Wheloon Prison Heroic, Mask of Deception HC
T4 Any: Tavern Brawl HE, Madstone Crater HE, A Cabal For One HE, The Prisoner EC, Fleshmaker's Lab HE, the Lords of Dust EC, Desecrated Temple of Vol HE, Mask of Deception HN, Terminal Delirium HC
T5 Any: Madstone Crater EC, Wheloon Prison Epic, Precious Cargo EC, The Prisoner EN, A Cabal For One EC, Terminal Delirium EC
T6 Any: Tavern Brawl EC, Madstone Crater EE, A Cabal For one EE, Fleshmaker's Lab EC, Precious Cargo EH, Desecrated Temple of Vol EC, Mask of Deception EC, Terminal Delirium EN

Instructions on how exactly to run each efficient quest.
A Cabal For One (14,24)
Fight through some mobs for a Rubble Pile (Any), and Cabinet (Arcane). Recall & reset at trapped chest. Four tiers.
HC=T3 Arcane, T3 Any
HE=T4 Arcane, T4 Any
EC=T5 Arcane, T5 Any
EE=T6 Arcane, T6 Any
An Offering of Blood (11,21)
Take the Offering & do the opening fights til the southern Crude Altar (Arcane) room opens. Ddoor & reset.
HC=T2 Arcane
HN=T3 Arcane
EC=T4 Arcane
EN=T5 Arcane
A Small Problem (5,20)
Run forward to a Moss (Natural) and then snake around for moss->mushroom->mushroom->mushroom->mushroom->moss->mushroom->mushroom->mushroom, ending on a hill. Ddoor & reset.
HC=T1 Natural x10
HH=T2 Natural x10
EC=T4 Natural x10
EH=T5 Natural x10


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Part 2 (Character limit)
Breaking the Ranks (19,27) (Strictly better than The Riddle, Good Intentions.)
5 Bonepiles (Natural) in West area, just jump walls using ledges or tents. Can skip all fights, shrine if desired, recall & reset. Most efficient farm ever. Bonus 4 Bonepiles in Orc Camp behind Drawbridge if you clear Gnolls & ring bell.
HC=T4 Natural x5-9
HE=T5 Natural x5-9
EC=T6 Natural x5-9
Bringing the Light (2)
Adventurer's Pack (Any). Do rune at end for Bookshelf (Lore), Cabinet (Arcane). ~1 min per run.
HC=T1 Lore, T1 Arcane
Caged Trolls (6)
Alchemy Table (Arcane) right after lever, Bookshelf (Lore) upstairs north. Recall & reset.
HC=T1 Arcane, T1 Lore
HN=T2 Arcane, T2 Lore
Desecrated Temple of Vol (14,29) (Strictly better than Devil's Details.)
West has 1 Crude Altar (Arcane), 2 Adventurer's Pack (Any). East has 1 Crude Altar (Arcane). Mediocre traps, quells if bad luck. Shrine, recall & reset.
HC=T3 Arcane x2, T3 Any x2
HE=T4 Arcane x2, T4 Any x2
EC=T6 Arcane x2, T6 Any x2
Eyes of Stone (11)
SuperNiCd: "Talk to Tollis, enter palace, Talk with Ona, proceed west to basement/library and clear square hall counter-clockwise, recall & reset". ~3 min, jump useful. Lotsa mobs & traps.
Bookshelf (Lore)->Mold (Natural)->Bookshelf (Lore)->Cabinet (Arcane)->Bookshelf (Lore).
HC=T3 Lore x3, T3 Arcane, T3 Natural
Fleshmaker's Lab (14,29)
Fight to key for 3x Fungus (Natural), 1x Adventurer's Pack (Any), 1x Alchemy Table (Arcane). Recall & reset.
HC=T3 Natural x3, T3 Arcane, T3 Any
HE=T4 Natural x3, T4 Arcane, T4 Any
EC=T6 Natural x3, T6 Arcane, T6 Any
Grim & Barett (14,30)
1 Bookshelf (Lore), in rightside "empty" room area ~3 mob waves in. Recall & reset.
HC=T3 Lore
HE=T4 Lore
EC=T6 Lore
Madstone Crater (14, 24) (Strictly better than Lost Thread, Don't Drink, Lost in Swamp, Unquiet Graves, Break in the Ice, Portal Opens)
Rush to Adventurer's Pack (Any), run back to door to restart.
HC=T3 Any
HE=T4 Any
EC=T5 Any
EE=T6 Any
Mask of Deception (16,30)
Kill first 2 mobs for mask, mask up to avoid mobs. Go to central supply room for Scroll Rack (Arcane), go NW for Rubble (Any), go into north building for Cabinet (Lore). Recall & reset.
HC=T3 Arcane, T3 Any, T3 Lore
HN=T4 Arcane, T4 Any, T4 Lore
EC=T6 Arcane, T6 Any, T6 Lore
Mirra's Sleepless Nights (6)
Rightside room after 1 short fight has a Bookshelf (Lore). Recall & reset.
HC=T1 Lore
HN=T2 Lore
Multitude of Menace (14,30) (Slightly better than Subversion, worse than Vol)
For those who fear traps or bigger mobs. Rush to the 1 Scroll Rack (Arcane) map and shelf room ~3 mob waves in. Recall & reset.
HC=T3 Arcane
HE=T4 Arcane
EC=T6 Arcane
Precious Cargo (25)
Adventurer's Pack (Any) and Rubble (Any) top deck. Alternative: Fungus (Natural) in Engine Room. Shrine, no fights. Recall & reset. Difficult flagging.
EC=T5 Any x2
EH=T6 Any x2
Protect Baudry's Interest (2)
One side has Fungus (Natural), other side has Cabinet (Lore). No fights. Walk to door to reset.
HC=T1 Natural, T1 Lore
Sinister Storage (15)
3 random Natural Nodes in the tiny room, walk out door & reset.
HC=T3 Natural
HH=T4 Natural
Schemes of the Enemy (19)
Amroth: "Run to back and jump over shelves and collect from Bookshelf (Lore); climb over next shelves and find an Adventure Pack on lower pipe (Any); jump and climb duct and go to back corner for Moss (Natural) beware of rare spider; jump to upper duct and find some Moss (Natural); recall-repeat for very quick no fights. OR continue through ducts with minor fights and drop down to find Moss (Natural); drop down again into control room with a minor fight and find a Cabinet (Arcane); open door and fight several mobs and find a Bookshelf (Lore) under stairs on right and a Cabinet (Arcane) beside bunks; open door to a minor fight and find a Mushroom (Natural) across from the secret door; continue around the corner for another Mushroom (Natural); recall-repeat." Has shrines at beginning & end.
HC=T4 Lore(x2), T4 Arcane(x2), T4 Natural(x5), T4 Any(x1)
HE=T5 Lore(x2), T5 Arcane(x2), T5 Natural(x5), T5 Any(x1)
In First Strike chain, proceed in a U-shape to get to a Bookshelf (Lore). Very fast. Recall & reset. Yarkuch through Doom can cover Tiers 1 & 2. Alternative: Fungi (Natural).
Alternative 2, from FranOhmsford: "1 Mushroom to right of first junction by Oozes in Pts 1-3 and 2 Mushrooms there in Pts 4,5,7 and 9 {Pts 6, 8 and 10 are Dungeon 2}. 1 Adventurers Pack to right of second junction {by Rare Spider} in Pts 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 9. 1 Bookshelf in the alcove immediately after 2nd Junction in Pts 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 9. 1 Adventurers Pack in Spider Pit in Pts 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 9. 1 Cabinet in Main Boss Room. 1 Mushroom After boss room turn left and go down 1st off tunnel - usually ignored but is there in Pts 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 9 too. 1 Mushroom by Second Shrine and Blade Traps. 1 Mushroom by Whisperdoom. {Again always there but usually collected in Pt 4.}. 1 Mushroom beyond Blade Traps up by the 3rd item you need to collect in Pt 3 {This Mushroom is there in Pts 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 9 but most people only go to it during Pt 3.}"
Note: Tangleroot wilderness flower nodes drop non-crafting collectables only.
T1 Lore, Natural
T2 Lore, Natural
Tavern Brawl (14,30) (Strictly better than Demon Assault, Lost Thread, Lost in Swamp, Archons' Trial, Break in the Ice.)
Sneak then fall downstairs at beginning for Adventurer's Pack (Any). Super fast. Recall & reset.
HC=T3 Any
HE=T4 Any
EC=T6 Any
Terminal Delirium (18,26)
Bring Open Lock or Knock. Grab Servant's Key at drink table. 2x fights on way to NE room for Bookshelf (Lore), NE Fungus, talk to Bel in discussion room, ddoor. Talk to Bel back at drink table. Clockwise in West rooms: Adventurer's Pack (Any) and Cabinet (Arcane), Bookshelf (Lore), Cabinet (Arcane). Return south through Kitchen door: Cabinet (Arcane), Bookshelf (Lore), Fungus (Natural) at shrine, Fungus (Natural) in meatlocker. Ddoor or recall. Fights sometimes tricky, but has shrine in first & last room. Can do all in ~3 min with practice. Recommended for higher level toons.
HC=T4 Arcane x3, T4 Lore x3, T4 Natural x2, T4 Any
EC=T5 Arcane x3, T5 Lore x3, T5 Natural x2, T5 Any
EN=T6 Arcane x3, T6 Lore x3, T6 Natural x2, T6 Any
The Chamber of Rahmat (10)
Adventurer's Pack (Any) right at entrance. Fastest possible. Exit door & reset.
HC=T2 Any
HN=T3 Any
The Church and the Cult (9)
Use True Seeing. Rush to the Bookshelf (Lore) ~ 1 min in. Ddoor & reset.
HC=T2 Lore
HH=T3 Lore
The Depths Chain (4/5)
Depths of Despair top 2-3ish hallways 2 Fungus (Natural), 1 Adventurer's Pack (Any), 1 Rubble (Any). Can go just straight West for quick pack farm. Depths of Darkness has 2 Mushroom (Natural) easily from 1st secret door. Depths of Discord has 3 early Mushrooms (Natural) with 1 lever. Recall & reset as needed.
Despair HC=T1 Natural x2, T1 Any
Despair HE=T2 Natural x2, T2 Any
Darkness HC=T1 Natural x2
Darkness HE=T2 Natural x2
Discord HC=T1 Natural x3
Discord HH=T2 Natural x3
The House of Rusted Blades (22)
2 Cabinet (Arcane). Franghasea: "Upon entry run through the upstairs right door, follow the path and then when you start down the ramp, there is a cabinet underneath. Then head north to the dinning hall and there is a second cabinet there immediately to the right of the entry door."
EC=T5 Arcane x2
The Last Stand (9,21) (strictly better than Framework & Diplomatic Immunity)
Three Moss (Natural) on outer perimeter. Skip fights. Has shrine. Exit door. Very fast.
HC=T2 Natural x3
HE=T3 Natural x3
EC=T4 Natural x3 (see also: Breaking Ranks)
EN=T5 Natural x3 (see also: Breaking Ranks)
The Lords of Dust (16,21)
A dozen collectables throughout quest, mostly Natural & Any, early Lore too:
Progression: Fungus->Fungus->Bookshelf->Adventurer's Pack->Fungus->Adventurer's Pack->Adventurer's Pack->Moss->Mold->Fungus->Fungus->Moss.
On Heroic, recall at shrine before end boss; on Epic, finish for Tokens of the Twelve. Alternatively, farm the Bookshelf (Lore).
HC=T3 Natural x8, T3 Any x3, T3 Lore
EC=T4 Natural x8, T4 Any x3, T4 Lore
EN=T5 Natural x8, T5 Any x3, T5 Lore
The Prisoner (8,21) <shelf is sometimes Lore, sometimes Arcane>
Rush to maze, early Bookshelf (Lore) there then go in water to Rubble (Any). Less efficient alternatives: Mushroom (Natural) near Arcane Ooze fight, Rubble (Any) near Memnos Blossom. Recall & reset. Assuming you do the maze & water part only:
HC=T2 Lore, T2 Any
EC=T4 Lore, T4 Any
EN=T5 Lore, T5 Any
Through a Mirror Darkly (16,26)
Cantor: "3x Arcane on the fast exp path. One outside auralace's room, one in it, and one opposite the order in the shrine room." Requires flagging. Ddoor & reset.
HC=T3 Arcane x3
HN=T4 Arcane x3
EC=T5 Arcane x3
EN=T6 Arcane x3
Tomb of the Forbidden (11)
Run north for Crude Altar (Arcane). Ddoor & reset.
HC=T2 Arcane
HN=T3 Arcane
Tomb of the Sanguine Heart (5)
Berzerkus: "Basically what you need to do is to hug the left wall until you get all 9 and wear a TS item." Snake your way around in order: Crude Altar (Arcane)->Rubble (Any)->3 Moss (Natural)->2 Rubble (Any)->2 Adventurer's Pack(Any).
HC=T1 Arcane, T1 Natural x3, T1 Any x5
HH=T2 Arcane, T2 Natural x3, T2 Any x5
Tomb of the Unhallowed (11)
Kill north for Bookshelf (Lore) & Bookshelf (Arcane). 1 min farm, ddoor & reset.
HC=T2 Lore, T2 Arcane
HN=T3 Lore, T3 Arcane
Trial By Fire (13,24) (better volume v. Maze of Madness)
5 collectables in a sort of spiral, mostly Natural. Can ignore most mobs then jump down toward lava. Recall & reset. Shrine outside.
HC=T3 Natural mostly
EC=T5 Natural mostly
EE=T6 Natural mostly
Wheloon Prison (15,25)
~19 Adventure packs (Any) all around, 3 Cabinet (Arcane) from Shar Manor, Bookstore, Criminal Hideout. Thanks GruntGrunt for finding the Arcane spots!
Heroic=T3 Any, T3 Arcane
Epic=T5 Any, T5 Arcane

Endnote: if you're on Ghallanda and found this guide useful, feel free to mail some collectables to MotherJenova! :p

Note: this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License


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Just putting this out there - Polished Ore, a Tier 4 Cultural (16th-20th) seems to drop from Elite Gargoyles. I usually just spam Heroic Elite Garl's Tomb for the gargoyle room. Boring? Yes.


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Cool to see this was carried over from the old forums. I was actually in the midst of running all DDO content in order to put together a more updated list of collectible drop locations. Stay tuned, will see if it's any better than this one haha!