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Hey all,

Tomorrow, Saturday June 24th at about 1pm EST I'm going to be whipping out my guitar and playing instrumental covers of these songs from the game live on my Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/axelalexk

- Crystal Cove Theme
- Same Old Song (the acapella song the NPC sings in that quest)
- Ravenloft Tavern Theme
- An Ebberon Tavern Theme
- Wheloon Tavern Theme (this one I will be debuting for the first time, I've never shared it before)

Should be fun, I've been practicing them so hopefully I don't mess them up too bad. Most of these I have changed the song slightly or added things to the in game version. So they are more my versions than 1 to 1 covers.

Will be streaming Hardcore Epics with my static group and leading raids on Thelanis throughout the day on Twitch afterwards.

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I'm going to be doing another one of these streams this weekend. I'll be playing the same 5 songs I did before plus I'm adding two more for this time:

- Eveningstar Theme
- Feywild Theme

Starts at about 1pm EST this Saturday, 8/26, at Twitch.tv/AxelAlexK