DDO New Years Event! Come join the party.


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I am hosting a New Years Event along with @DilemmaEnder where we will be running every raid in DDO over the span of two days - New Years Eve and New Years Day. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of raiding experience or character power. We will have as many raid parties going as we can fill, the number depending on interest. The event will be broadcasted on Twitch on a bunch of different streamers' channels.


Thelanis server, with myself and atleast 4 other streamers broadcasting it on Twitch. Don't play on Thelanis? Consider transferring your Hardcore Season 9 character over before the end of the year! Or roll up an iconic and level up starting at level 15. Myself and others are available to help you level and flag over the next 6 weeks.


There will be 3 blocks -

Block 1 - Starts at 1pm EST on 12/31 and will go about 6 hours
Block 2 - Starts at about 8:30pm EST on 12/31 and will go until shortly after midnight EST
Block 3 - Starts at 1pm EST on 1/1 and will go about 6 hours

How do I join?

Go to my linktree here: https://linktr.ee/axelalexk and click on "Join Axel's Discord Server!" to join my discord. After you're in my discord, go to the #new-years-info channel to see the raid schedule and read all further event details. You can signup on the #new-years-signups channel. Click "Accept" on each block you're planning to attend. Or all 3 of them, if you want to come for the whole time. A few days before the event when we have a full headcount we'll get people assigned to raid groups. Everything will be coordinated through my discord on the days of the event.

How do I watch?

You can watch on any of these Twitch channels -


Or use this multitwitch to watch all of them at the same time! - https://multitwitch.tv/axelalexk/dilemmaender/kozybean/jenraina/nomaddog/brakkart

We will probably have more streamers joining so I'll update this list as we get closer to New Years.
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The event is this weekend! Come hang with us all on Twitch. There may be some spots available too if anyone wants in to play last minute. Event starts this Sunday at 12:45pm EST and is being streamed on all the Twitch channels listed above in the original post.


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Thanks to everyone who showed up to run the event. Especially those who stepped up to help organize, lead groups, gear and flag people. Aside from the connection issues a few of us Eastern US people had on Sunday (which does not seem to have been SSG's fault) I think it went really well.

I still host raids every Saturday at 3pm EST on Thelanis so even if you missed out on this event you're still welcome to join us over there for raids sometime, or roll up a character on Thelanis or transfer a Hardcore character over to Thelanis to join us sometime. To get into raids, join my discord as linked in the original post and signup on the #events channel. Normally I put the signup up on Monday mornings.