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💯 This a very kind and wholesome thing to do:
  • A memorial to the late DDO Developer "HumbleFriar" has been placed in the Gary Gygax Memorial area of the game.
I will run Delara's in honor with the bagpipes playing.

Perhaps Delara's graveyard can be the home for all the memorials in-game?
That’s a great thing to do to honor a very important member of the DDO dev team family. HumbleFriar did some amazing work.


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Out of interest, do you use default block key <shift> or have you assigned a custom one? the health/sp problem is known and SSG are trying to fix this afaik. And your Aunt is always your Aunt, nomatter.
Yes I use the default key, I was thinking it has something to do with my Destiny mantle, it seems to bug the mobs since it turns me invisible when I block. Maybe the reaction to the invisibility has something to do with my inability to interact afterwards.