Enhancement Load-out's


I don't even care if they cost $$$ to unlock but give us the ability to have at least 2 preferably more enhancement loadout's that we can easily switch between, both epic destinies & regular enhancements, 9 times out of 10 you would be better off running a different AP split for a raid than you would for questing or maybe you need to fill a different role but nobody is going to spend all the plat and more importantly time switching their enhancements back and fourth every day.

Just give us the ability to create our own presets & an easy way to swap between them.
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Beater of Dead Horses
Yes, please. On my melees, I'd like to choose between dps or tank focus, on my bard for instance, I'd like to choose between a focus on DC or healing.

It would really have to be paired with EDs, though, to be really effective.

But yes, would pay for this.