Guild Account access question?


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Hi! I'm a Guild Leader (try not to laugh). How do I access the guild account for shards and platinum that is in it? Ours has some loot in it and after I read the wiki I failed to figure it out.

Our guild is level 65 now (Yay!) so I want to use the account to buy a slightly bigger ship (people sometimes ride off the ship on the new mounts!) and also to buy some more amenities like bigger storage chests and maybe the chrono speed buff.

Basically a long time ago, the first leader left our static home-rules permadeath group but before he left, he bought us a ship (Windsypre Falcon), leveled it up to 40ish (solo sagas apparently), and stocked it with some non-buff stuff (vault, bank, crafting hall, etc.). We use it for movement and storage since the guild really is just our static group now.

Anyway, I did not see anything helpful account-wise in the Wiki's guild command list but I am sure that I am just being blind!

However, I did learn how to name our ship so now I can rename it to honor the orginal leader! Yay!

Thanks in advance for any help or links or whatnot!


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Oh, I see, thank you! I was close-by in the wiki but not where your link pointed.

Yay and thanks again!

I'll quote the relevant bit just in case anyone else ever searches for this.

Airship Showroom​

The Airship Showroom is located in the center of the west edge of The Harbor, adjacent to the Airship Portal there. (On your map, it appears as a green star.) Here (and only here), airships can be viewed, purchased and/or upgraded. Note that only Guild Officers (including the Leader) can purchase or upgrade an airship, although once you have one any member can contribute platinum or astral shards, which may be used later to upgrade your current ship to something more desirable.

Once inside the showroom, speak to one of the two NPC Airship Vendors (Vordrik d'Lyrandar), and you can scroll through the various models available. You can also deposit platinum and/or astral shards (both non-refundable!) to the Guild's account, which are required to make the purchase itself. These vendors will also show you how many Shards and/or Platinum your various guildmates have currently contributed on deposit toward a ship.

Once you select the model you want (and there is enough on deposit to purchase it), the "Upgrade" button will be highlighted, and you can press that to make your purchase.

With any purchase or upgrade, you are also immediately asked to (re-)name your ship. This is free, but the name must be chosen before leaving the vendor.


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Cool! Good luck with your guild! I have a wee bitty one right now and I'm still trying to hit the 20th. level mark. o_O


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Ship upgrades come from the Airship Showroom, as stated above...

Amenities can be purchased from the First Mate, Ziksquik (should be on the top deck of your ship...look for the Kobold).. He (it) will also allow you to see what funds have been donated to the guild (PP and Astral Shards). There is an option at the bottom of the window he brings up to select "Use personal funds" or "Use guild currency".

Also, check out the AH and ASAH. Search for "deed" and you will likely find several. Just make sure it's something you are high enough guild lv to use or that it's a REALLY good price and you can save it til later.. :)


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Thank you Buddha5440! I did not realize that they could be sold on the auction houses. Nice! Thanks again!