Hardcore ranged + buffs


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Attributes: DEX 17 (+2 tome), CON 17 (+ level up), CHA 14
Race: Human

Level 1: rapid reload
Level 1: point blank shot
Level 3: quicken spell
Level 6: rapid shot (prerequisite: dexterity 13, point blank shot)
Level 9: precise shot (prerequisite: point blank shot; grants archer’s focus stance)
Level 12: precision (prerequisite: dex 13, bab +1)
Level 15: improved precise shot (prerequisite: dexterity 19, precise shot, bab +11)
Level 18: improved critical ranged (prerequisite: bab +8)
Level 21: combat archery (epic feat) (prerequisite: point blank shot, dex 17, level 21)
Level 22: holy strike (destiny feat) (prerequisite: level 22)
Level 24: overwhelming critical (epic feat) (prerequisite: improved critical)
Level 25: doubleshot (destiny feat) (prerequisite: level 25)
Level 27: inspire excellence (epic feat) (prerequisite: level 21)
Level 28: lasting inspiration (destiny feat) (prerequisite: level 22)
Level 30: improved bardic music (epic feat)
Level 30: scion of arborea (legendary feat)
Level 31: Legendary aid (destiny feat)

tumble x1, umd, spellcraft, balance, spot, perform (tome +2), jump

Level 1: cure light wounds, expeditious retreat, feather fall, focusing chant
Level 2: soundburst, rage, blur, invisibility, cure moderate wounds
Level 3: good hope, haste, displacement, cure serious wounds
Level 4: dimension door, freedom of movement, otto’s sphere of dancing, cure critical wounds
Level 5: greater heroism, cure light wounds mass, mind fog
Level 6:
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