How does Protection from evil spell work?


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So my fighter advanced to epics and he ain't very good at saving throws, eating up pretty much every single debuff.
I was thinking of taking sentinel mantle enh which provides protection from evil effect because I've heard it protects from most/all control spells.
Is it true? Can someone please explain what exactly it does protect from so I'd know whether this mantle is worth spending points on. Thanks!
Also, does a relevant pot provide the same bonus? (it doesn't feature the full spell text)


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It grants a +2 deflection bonus to Armor Class, and a +2 resistance bonus to saves versus attacks from Evil creatures.
You also get immunity to mind control spells like Command, Greater Command, and Dominate Person.

I believe the potions and the spell Protection from Evil do the same thing. The wiki mentions potions only lasting 1 minute for the immunity portion of the spell due to a bug. (
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The potions have been 100% fixed, it's only the scrolls that are still bugged AFAIK (but then again, there's no reason to ever use the scrolls over the potions).

More notes regarding Protection from Evil:

- The Protection from Evil spell does not stack with the Black Abbot's Shadow guild buff.

- The AC bonus from Protection from Evil stacks with the usual deflection bonuses, and the Saves bonus stacks with the usual resistance bonuses (the same is true for "Chaosguard" as well, a very old effect that I'm only mentioning for archival purposes).

- Protection from Evil found on items (or via the Horizon Walker enhancement tree and maybe other trees as well, can't recall) does NOT grant you immunity to Command, Greater Command, and Dominate Person. This is likely WAI, as newer items with this effect (namely Protection from Evil +2 / +4 / +6, as opposed to the old plain "Protection from Evil" effect) specifically avoid mentioning the immunity portion of the spell's effect.
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Mostly it grants the player immunity to Command / Greater Command and Dominate Person / Monster. It's extremely useful if you are going up against casters known to use those spells, like Dwarven clerics or a certain Vampire Lord. There is a quest boss that likes to spam this spell if any player doesn't have protection, resulting in a players character "changing sides" and hilarity ensuing.
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Protection from Evil and Good: Rank 1: You permanently gain +2 deflection bonus to Armor Class and a +2 resistance bonus to saves versus attacks from Evil creatures. Rank 2: You permanently gain this for Good creatures as well. Rank 3 (2AP): You are also warded from magical mental control and compulsions from both Evil and Good creatures. So the enhancement should protect against Command / Greater Command and Dominate Person as long as the caster is good or evil.
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