Join us at PAX East on March 21st!


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Join us at PAX East on March 21st!​

Dungeons & Dragons Online is headed to PAX East! Join us on Thursday, March 21st for a presentation on making creatures in DDO, and then head to a big party at the Harpoon Brewery! Here are the details:


Title: Dungeons & Dragons Online: Crafting Creatures - From Sketch to Scare!

Time: Thursday, March 21st 5:30-6:30pm Eastern

Location: Dragonfly Theatre at PAX East


How much does a smack from a kobold actually hurt? How do you shape the bite of a dragon that is 5x your size? The devs of Standing Stone Games are giving you a peek behind the curtain of our development process to show you how we breathe life into the monsters of one of the world's most complex and enduring MMOs, Dungeons and Dragons Online. From the building of initial stats to the final menacing growl, our seasoned team of design gurus, animation wizards, and design architects will give you an all-access pass into the making of the monsters you love to fight. Plus, we're handing the reins over to you – our live audience will have the opportunity to vote and influence the very creatures that stalk the dungeons in future updates! Join us for a monstrous adventure into the heart of game creation!

Link to the PAX East schedule:

NOTE: Tickets to PAX East are required to attend this presentation.

Community Meetup:​

RSVPs are REQUIRED! Please RSVP here:


Harpoon Boston Brewery

306 Northern Avenue

Boston, MA

Time: 7:00pm-11:00pm Eastern on Thursday, March 21st

Web site:

Join us at the Harpoon Brewery in the Boston Seaport for a party! Standing Stone Games is teaming up with our friends at Darkpaw Games (EverQuest, EverQuest 2) to host a meetup at one of Boston's premiere breweries!

NOTE: No PAX East ticket is necessary to join us for the meetup.

We hope to see you there!
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I will be there too, keep an eye out for the 50 year old 6' 2" balding white guy!! Then again wait a minute maybe I won't stand out!

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Lots of fellow streamers there! You know, if one or more of you were to livestream the event, we wouldn't be mad. ;)

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Lots of fellow streamers there! You know, if one or more of you were to livestream the event, we wouldn't be mad. ;)
I think it really depends on whether or not the dev team want us to stream it. There's a different level of being "on" when you're on camera vs at a casual meetup. I know last year there were a few moments when cameras came out and I felt really bad for Sev and crew. I'm sure there will be plenty of time for "on camera" dev time, but I would hope they also get a chance to relax and hang with us more informally as well.