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'I was a prisoner, forced to fight in the Blood War. The eternal battle between bad and worse.'
-Karlach, BG3

20 Barbarian

Str 10
Dex 10
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 10
*Cha 20


1 Magical Training
3 Single Weapon Fighting
4 Charisma: +1
6 Improved Single Weapon Fighting
8 Charisma: +1
9 Improved Critical: Piercing Weapons
12 Greater Single Weapon Fighting
Charisma: +1
15 Offhand Versatility
16 Charisma: +1
18 Sap
20 Charisma: +1
21 Overwhelming Critical
22 Perfect Single Weapon Fighting
24 Epic Barbarian Damage Reduction
Charisma: +1
25 Doublestrike
27 Embolden Spell
28 Elusive Target
Charisma: +1
30 Bulwark of Defense
Scion of the Plane of Fire
31 Crush Weakness
32 Charisma: +1

Tiefling 6

Core1 Bloodhunt I
Core2 Charisma I
Core3 Bloodhunt II
Core4 Charisma II

Occult Slayer 41
Core1 Weapon Bond
Tier1 Parrying Bond - 3 Ranks
Tier1 Uncanny Dodger - 3 Ranks
Tier1 Ear Smash - 2 Ranks
Core2 Resistance
Tier2 Guarding Bond - 3 Ranks
Tier2 Lessons of Travel - 3 Ranks
Tier2 Knockout - 1 Ranks
Core3 Elemental Defense
Tier3 Arcane Encumbrance - 1 Ranks
Tier3 Ability I: +1 Constitution
Tier3 Bond of Retribution
Tier3 Kinetic Bond - 3 Ranks
Core4 Blank Thoughts
Tier4 Vicious Strike - 1 Ranks
Tier4 Rune Carved Armor
Tier4 Ability II: +1 Constitution
Tier5 Bond of Destruction
Tier5 Vampiric Bond - 3 Ranks
Tier5 Occult Metalline
Core5 Force Ward
Core6 Mind Over Magic

Vistani Knife Fighter 24
Core1 Knife Expertise
Tier1 Undead Hunter
Tier1 Mist Stalker I
Tier1 Acrobatic - 1 Ranks
Tier2 Haste Boost - 3 Ranks
Tier2 Mist Stalker II
Core2 Knife Juggler
Tier2 Bleeding Cuts
Tier3 Fan of Knives
Tier3 Gifted I: +1 Charisma
Core3 Quick Reflexes
Tier3 Mist Stalker III
Tier4 Mist Stalker IV
Tier4 Gifted II: +1 Charisma

Feydark Illusionist 11
Core1 Find Familiar: Illusory Sprite
Tier1 Illusory Weaponry
Tier1 Study the Arcane - 2 Ranks
Core2 Ability I: Charisma
Tier2 You've Got My Back
Tier2 Reality Bulwark - 1 Ranks
Core3 Greater Color Spray

Balance 11
Heal 11
Jump 23
Search 11
Tumble 1
Use Magic Device 11

Unyielding Sentinel 37

Core1 Unyielding
Tier1 Divine Energy Resistance
Tier1 Brace for Impact - 3 Ranks
Tier1 Attack and Defend - 3 Ranks
Tier1 Ever Watchful - 3 Ranks
Core2 Ward Against Darkness
Tier2 Renewal
Core3 Stand Against the Tide
Tier3 Into the Fray - 3 Ranks
Tier3 Hands of the Sentinel
Tier4 Divine Bulwark
Tier4 Endless Vigil - 3 Ranks
Tier4 The Best Defense - 3 Ranks
Tier4 Hardened Purpose - 3 Ranks
Core4 Last Hope
Tier5 Undying Vanguard
Tier5 Strength of Vitality - 3 Ranks
Tier5 Light the Dark

Primal Avatar 12
Core1 This is your Nature: Heart
Tier1 Rejuvenation Cocoon
Tier1 Epic Strikes: Spring to Summer
Tier2 Spirit Boon: Mind - 2 Ranks
Tier2 Primal Choice: Reborn in Fire
Tier2 Thrive
Tier3 At it's Core - Upgrade Primal Spell: At Its Core - Heart

Grandmaster of Flowers 15 (our mantle for knockdown immunity)
Core1 Inner Focus
Tier1 Serenity
Tier1 Disciple's Studies - 3 Ranks
Core2 Disciple of Material: Adamantine
Tier2 A Dance of Flowers
Tier2 Calm before Storms - 3 Ranks
Tier2 Hail of Blows
Core3 Disciple of Morality: Evil


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Here's an alternative (still not F2P)

Hardcore 80 AP 32 point TWF build. WF. 18 Barb 1 Fig 1 Arti/Warlock

1 Fig for Heavy Armour + Haste Boost
1 Arti for UMD (or Warlock)

Harper 7AP (Know the Angles)
FB 40AP (up to +30% extra damage, Blood Tribute, +3 extra boosts)
Ravager 4AP (+3 CON while raging)
Kensai 10AP (Haste Boost, +3 extra boosts)
WF 19AP (which is a stretch as the tree is that good, but grab the +10% damage)

FEATS: THFx3, improved critical (slashing), power attack, cleave (+20% dmg), greater cleave (+40% dmg), and probably quicken or improved healing for epics.

Upto +40% extra damage (cracking attack, raging blows, WF wpn attachment)
+200% Strikethrough in heroics
Extra to hit/damage (and tactical DCs) from KtA
Heavy Armour
12 uses of Haste Boost (and Sprint) once guild is high enough
Higher UMD (spend 2 points per level giving +23 at lvl 20 instead of +11)

EDs. I like your idea of CHA based and US. For this THF build I'd go FotW with splashes in PA and US for the healing, but I'd have to sleep on it and give it more thought.

Less hitpoints
Less MRR
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