Knock spell


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Forgot to update after my wiz life.

Generaly knock had its uses but even with bit of min maxing when it comes to int stat way to often i had to roll 15+ to unlock.

There were few points of int i could squeeze more but it would not make much of a difference.

If SSG threw knock a bone and made transmutation dc bonuses work with it, it would give major boost to its usefulness.

Overall its nice qol spell when you don't need to spend 500 SP to unlock something because you cant roll over 5.
They upped the DC on IDK how many quests for search n disable.. you'd better hope they don't come after unlock :)


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Unfortunately Knock's usefulness has not been updated as the game progressed. There are still some uses but it is getting harder and harder to get it to work. It is nothing like in the early years. So may spell have fallen by the wayside.