Petition to Save the Hopping Giant


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Huh, to be honest I can't say I've ever noticed that giant hopping about until now. . .probably because it didn't seem like an issue and I most likely thought it was normal in this game.


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Gianthold is a devastating reminder of the Age of Giants, and a sad place for most of giantkind. Bartholomew the hopping giant has somehow managed to provide a little levity and joy to the place through his frolicking hops through the village. To rob the giants who have ALREADY endured so much of this small bit of happiness is cruel and unnecessary. #SaveBartholomew #HoppersAreGiantsToo #Jump4Giants


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They should make a new quest where you have to help Brawn Pits save Mr. Hoppitys pet rabbit from Harry.

That aside, now that you've pointed it out, I kind of don't want to lose the "feature". 😂


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I don't know when exactly it started but my kids call him Sir Hopsalot. My daughter made up a story about him being a bit dotty like her paw-paw (grandpa) that has dementia. He doesn't know he's acting funny, he's just enjoying the life he has hopping along.


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Doesn't the u60 preview test state a fix to a storm giant, not a stone giant?
Yes, but I think that's either a typo/mistake, or another example of the devs not really knowing their own game.

The only giant I've ever seen hopping around is the famous stone giant. Many years ago they mentioned 'fixing' him, and we revolted then, and the devs said 'ok, we'll keep it in, it's a harmless bug that adds charm to the game and doesn't cause any problems' and we all rejoiced.

And now they're trying to lobotomize him again. This makes me very sad.

So yes, /singed. Save the happy go lucky bunny hopping giant!

Heck, if they must do something, move his dialogue to another giant and add new lines to him, something like:

"everyone here is so dour, but I will not let them bring me down"
"waiting for the stormreaver is getting boring, time to liven things up! *boing boing boing*"
"always look on the bright side of life *whistles*"
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The giant is causing severe game lag has to be disabled.

High priority investigation has been completed.

Inspector Gadget has resolved the case.

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please leave my Hoppy alone !

Right now he has a clean rap sheet and he never harmed nor maimed any player characters with said hopping.

If anything>add a hopscotch track under him with runearm symbols instead of numbers.


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Not that I care too much about Hoppy but there are better things to work on in this game.