Raid Nights with the High Lords of Malkier


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The High Lords of Malkier welcome you to join us for our public raids every week. Our events are newbie friendly and we're happy to teach first-timers what they need to know to learn the raids. If you're interested in running with and getting to know the High Lords, our public raids are a great place to start! People who regularly join our public raids often get invited to our other guild raids when we have space. Please have sound and be willing and able to follow instructions. If you are new to the raid, please let us know. Raid difficulty may vary from what is posted below, based on group.

Right now our only public raid is Friday night:

Raid Schedule
Friday 9pm ET - Friday Night Abbotfest with heroic Abbot x2


Friday Night Abbotfest
What: heroic elite Abbot raid (Accursed Ascension)
When: every Friday night at 9pm ET
Where: Upper Necropolis
How: click on the lfm. First come first served, we do not take reservations. Must be flagged. Level 14+. Please do not be anonymous when hitting the lfm.

If you're new, here's how to flag for heroic abbot. It requires some effort to flag, but this classic raid contains some unique and coveted loot that is still relevant by today's standards! Abbot is kind of a tricky raid and can be difficult or impossible to learn in a pug since this raid isn't pugged much any more. So if you've been wanting to learn abbot or you're farming for gear then please join us! We usually run 2 Abbot raids each event.

Friday raids are usually live streamed on my Twitch channel vooduspyce.

Saturday Teaching Raids
During the winter and spring, we also host Saturday teaching raids for new players. Our 2024 teaching raid series has begun! Watch the Sarlona forum for weekly events. Also check out our Collection of Teaching Raid Videos for New Players in the Player Guides, Strategies, Walkthoughs, and FAQ forum.

We hope to see you in raids soon!

Much love,
Voodu and the High Lords of Malkier
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Just a reminder that even though our 8x Abbotfest was just a special, we continue to host Abbot twice ever Friday night at 9pm ET. See you then! :)