Reincarnation Cache and Death


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So this is my first time in Hardcore season, and I was reading over the wiki, and it seems to read that when you die, you end up in the Land of Souls where you do not have access to the bank and thus seems to imply you don't have access to your reincarnation cache.

The wiki also mentions that server transfers don't transfer reincarnation cache. So does that mean if you have a reincarnation when you die on Hardcore server, you lose everything in your reincarnation cache?


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Caches generally xfer, but they're not officially supported so if things go sideways expect to have no recourse to recover that loss (and during the previous free xfer period to Orien/Sarlona, there were reports of some people who lost their caches). You always can wait until the season is over when they bring everyone back to life to let them empty mail, banks, etc. during the post-season period.


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TR cache never transfer......

  • The items in your inventory and character bank are transferred with you.
  • The following things will not transfer with your character and are lost forever:
    • Your Friends list
    • Your /Ignore list
    • Your Guild name, level, airship, amenities, membership ranks, or other guild-related benefits. You will appear in the new world guildless.
    • Items in your True Reincarnation Cache
    • Items bid on or posted to the Auction Houses
    • In-game mail
  • The following things will nottransfer with your character but will remain on the original server:
    • Shared Account Bank and Crafting Storage items (includes Platinum Vault)
    • Your Astral Shard balance
    • Your Creature Companion Stable (mount/pet certificates that have not been activated (added to the stable) can be transferred)
  • Accumulated favor travels with you; however, per-server benefits unlocked by favor do not transfer.
  • Monster Manual rewards (ability to see HP as well as any pets) stay on your original server.
  • If you want to return to your original world, you must wait at least 14 days.
  • Your guild loses 10% of your accumulated renown - same as if you deleted the character DDO Forums.
  • You cannot be the Leader of a Guild and transfer your character from one world to another. If necessary, please promote a successor or other guild member to Leader, or disband your guild, prior to undergoing a character transfer from one live game world to another. Guild leaders will not display in the Character Transfer UI.
  • If your name is being used on the world you are transferring to, your name will be appended with a -1 and you will be granted a one-time free rename credit. While logged into the character you wish to change the name of, type /changename (new name) into the chat panel to change your name.

Character transfers from the Hardcore servers to a normal server, during a season, are free for any character created. But most, if not all, of the listed rules apply. You must transfer your characters while the Hardcore Server is open. The server is wiped of all characters and their banks before a new season is started.