Returning player looking for build


Hi all, returning player here. But might as well be a newb.

Looking for a good first life build that is decent solo for generally questing. Thinking FVS build - Appreciate any builds you all share.

Many thanks šŸ˜Š


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currently doing an elf cleric wisdom based ranger was thinking FVS/Rogue Splash for solo trapping but might work more toward a set armor for evasion needs when trapping. as well maybe key lock ring and some skill points in disable/search human get an extra DC feat for casting maybe. I've done it with 1 level rogue but it was ranger who got evasion later. probably 2 levels rogue. I try and craft my spell schools into my equipment and augment ability enhancements up to level 20 .

Stoic Z

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There is a very first life / beginner friendly Fvs + Warlock (Acolyte of the skin) build floating out there. Off memory:

Tiefling Cha/Con
Aots x2, Fvs x5, Aots, Fvs x12

You use the close wounds sla, chain blasts and utterdark blasts in tainted scholar, pick up strong pack and feigned health. At 8 you get the cone blast and then focus on Angel of Vengeance tree.