Shadow Dancer Epic Destiny: Rebalanced from Unbalanced Melee/Range


Visage of Terror was just an example. It could be something like on a failed Assassinate the target/s become paralyzed in fear? For example Assassinate would be useful on 'warded against death' monsters or against a failed Assassinate attempt. This could also apply to Shadowstrike as every other melee Destiny has crowd control. Even Unyielding Sentinel has crowed control.

Edit: One little gripe I have is that Shadow Jaunt shares cooldown with From the Shadows making Jaunt unusable.
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could be something like on a failed Assassinate

Not good; SD is themed as a tree that works for ALL builds. They do a v.nice job of making sure it's a DPS tree with a shadowy flavor rather than "assassin tree version 2". It does need help. The epic strike and mantle are particularly bad; no matter what you're running, you can do MUCH better from other trees for both strike and mantle.

I still use SD in almost every build despite that: MM immunity + MDB + Sneaks + Evasion + Drain immunity + Double already make it nearly generically useful as a splash tree. I almost never take it to T4, though.

Want to upgrade it from Splash-Dancer and make it truly SHADOW Dancer!? Improve strike and mantle in T4 & T5 like this:
  • T4: Dark Mercy = requires depths + while in mantle +2/4/6s to your strike imbue (still worse than adrenaline, but it's closer)
  • T5: Greater Form = requires dark mercy + while in mantle you are always considered to be sneaking + current bonuses
This is actually not as wild or as good as it sounds, but we'd see a ton of shadows floating about if it worked that way and probably more than one assassin every other month, too -- just because it would be fun to float/sneak at runspeed. IMHO, slow movement is the single biggest impediment to using assassinate in a group or raid, too.