Vecna Unleashed - Video Overview

Here is my video Breakdown of the bundles available on the DDO market.
There are some minor gameplay spoilers at the end of this video.

Here is my Fast First Look at ALL 13 quests, so Major spoilers!!!
It was all recorded in one sitting, but uploaded in 3 parts so to not be to long.
The videos have time stamps with the quests names to make it essay to navigate.

Quests in Pt 1: Turn the Page, Grand Theft Aureaon, Vecna Denied.

Quests in Pt 2: The Bark and the Blade, Enemy of My Enemy, The Evil We Know, Law and Order, Taken in Hand.

Quests in Pt 3: Vecna Denied, The Devils to Pay, Paper Trail, Party 101, What Dreams May Come.