Barbarian 2h Weapon Selection 1-20


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I am very sorry if this has already been posted but I couldn't find a similar post.
I was wondering, if someone had time, if they could post the best 2hander for each level from 1-20? I am always unsure what I should be aiming for.
Thank you to anyone able to help.


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You want cannith crafted holy of slashing 1-3 (because you won't be able to find an old min level 2 maelstorm anymore), then carniflex 4 to 19. If you have von, sword of shadows 10-19. There are some really cool ones these are the best ones, hands down.


Here's some suggestions for you -

Level 2 - Keep on the Borderlands Level 2 Ghost Great Axe
Level 4-9 Carnifex or if a less farming alternative Hellstroke Axe
Level 7 - Twinchopper
Level 10 - 19 Sword of Shadows if unbale to attain Borovian Great Axe
Level 20 The Keep on the Borderlands Level 20 Ghostly or Silver Great Axe (or just stick with the above choices, or upgrade SOS)
Level 21 - Drow Greataxe of the Weapon Master (or use upgraded SOS until 29/gotten raid axe/great sword)
Level 29 - Legendary Borovian Great Axe
Raid Axe Depends on Gearing of Character - Baz'Morath, the Curator of Decay, The Magmatic Cleaver or
Attuned Bone Greataxe are fun choices for end game.


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Lvl 2 - guardians dagger
lvl 4 carnifex
lvl 9 blackrazor
lvl 10 sos maybe to 20

if u like ravager tree -lvl 13 riftmaker
lvl 14 tail of the scorpion


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What I use:
Lvl 1: Korthos Ember Greataxe
Lvl 2-3: Guardian Dagger (Shan-to-Kor) or Nicked Greatsword (Sharn Syndicate)
Lvl 4-9: Carnifex (Delera's Tomb)
Lvl 10-19: Sword of Shadow (Plane of Night raid) or Whirlwind (Sands of Menechtarun)
Lvl 20-28: Epic Sword of Shadow (Plane of Night raid/Token upgrade)
Lvl 21-28: Drow Greataxe of the Weapon Master (House of Rusted Blades)
Lvl 29: Tail of Suulomades (Legendary Vision of Destruction raid), The Magmatic Cleaver (Dryad and the Demigod: Feytwisted Chest), Legendary Tail of the Scorpion (Toxic Treatment)

Note: I don't have Isle of Dread or Vecna, so I don't know about the gear that drops there.


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I would add Tail of the Scorpion at 14 (if you don't have SoS @ 10).

20, alternative to eSoS: Epic Antique Great Ax