Kali's Bard Spellsinger Inquisitive HYBRID Ranged/CC+ Insta-kill Caster build


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I like the layout of these builds, but I'm not sure your title is fitting?

Insta-kill caster

3. and with occasional AoE Insta-kills:

> mainly Shadowdancer's 'Weird [T5]'
> Spellsinger's 'Wail of the Banshee [C6]': mostly for the de-buffs with negative levels on failed save, as no investment in necromancy

I just want to make sure I understand.. it's described as an instakiller caster as part of what it can do, but the only ability to reasonably instakill.. it doesn't get until lv 30?


Build Designer. Having fun since 2006!
Hi @Vox . Thank you for your message. Happy to expand a little on my reasoning:
> In heroics it doesn't do insta-kills at all, so perhaps in this sense the title might feel deceptive: the aim of my builds, however, is to show the endgame result for the most part

> At level 20 it acquires Wail of the Banshee, and at this point, it could invest temporarily on necromancy gear while levelling through Epics. I did that, and Wail's AoE insta kill on CC mobs was quite effective, and frequent enough, to feel like a hybrid build that does occasional insta-kills (as per my aims)

> At cap/endgame, Weird is indeed the only one, as Illusion is the highest DC for this build. It is AoE, and can be used every 60 seconds (or a bit quicker if investment is made on reducing cooldowns). There is plenty this build can do in-between the cooldowns, and I must add that Wail does kill more frequently than you will probably expect (don't forget party debuffs).

> Apologies if the title seems misleading: it merely sumarises the 3 primary objectives I laid out for the build. I did refer to it as occasional insta-kills, but to me it features frequently enough, kills AoE, and is one of the primary aims (despite being occasional) to warrant being added to the title

> Still working on the thread, will post more details + screenshots when I get a chance: perhaps when I show trees + gear + set bonuses this will come together more. Its school half-term in the UK, and I got 2 toddlers, time is a bit short :)
Hope this helps explain things a little
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U66 changes (updated in the main post and DDOBuilder file)
Some changes were made to the main Epic Destinies used by this build: Shadowdancer and Shiradi Champion.

Though Shiradi has become far more appealing, at this point I will continue to use Shadowdancer as my main destiny. Weird is just too good an ability to give up, and Shadowdancer T5/Shiradi T3 still seem to support the hybrid concept more strongly than going Shiradi T5/Shadowdancer T3.

> The key active changes I made were:
  • Shiradi Champion
    • I've done some re-shuffling and additions, since the costs and positions of some of the enhancements were adjusted

  • Shadowdancer:
    • T5 'Unholy feeding' was added

... with the changes indicated above and below:

> The key passive changes were very positive:
  • Shiradi Champion
    • Core abilities now grant +15 HP, +25 SP.
    • Hunt's End and Pin have switched places, Pin becomes the new epic strike. Pin gets upgraded now in Hunt's End's place, and Hunt's End is now multiselected with the Beguiling Charm ability and is no longer an Epic Strike.
    • Pin is now: "AOE Ranged Attack: Make a Ranged Attack that shatters on impact, hitting all enemies in a small area around where it lands. If a moving enemy is affected, they are slowed for 12 seconds. 15 second cooldown."
    • Otto's Whistler's Immobilize and Dance effects when upgrading Pin have been reduced to a 6 second duration (though still with no saving throw) as Pin's ability to lock down groups is now significantly stronger.
    • Hunts End is now a ranged attack that deals +250% damage and automatically crits.
    • New Enemy of my Own multiselector: Fey Form: You gain Dr10/Cold Iron, +5 Force and Universal Spell Power, and your main hand weapon becomes an Implement.

    • Not currently being used, but planned to be taken in the future with more Epic Destiny points:
    • Fey Form mantle upgrade is now Cruelty of the Hunt: You deal +10% damage against the helpless.
    • Track now works on harmful spell casts and reduces saves by 1/stack.
    • New Whirling Wrists multiselector: Flickering Fingers: +1/2/3 Imbue Dice.
    • The second Strike upgrade for Pin is "Overwhelming Force: Pin now applies 10 stacks of Track to enemies struck." The first strike upgrade in tier 3 is Otto's Whistler, which moved in from its previous location in tier 4.

  • Shadowdancer
    • Core abilities now grant +15 HP and +25 SP.
    • Shadow Mastery Epic Moment's activation time has been significantly reduced.
    • Weird is now a SLA instead of a Spell Book Spell, with the same cost and cooldown as it had before.
    • New Tier 5 to replace Greater Shadowform: Unholy Feeding: On kill, you gain 5 temp HP per sneak attack dice. You also gain +10 Force and Universal Spell Power and are immune to Pressure Plates and Bear Traps.

  • Machrotechnic
    • The cooldowns of the Hammer Time spells and the damaging Epic Strikes have swapped places - leaving the Sonic and Electric Epic Strikes at 10 seconds and the Hammer spells at 15 seconds.
    • Rune Arm Use now allows you to use highest of INT/WIS/CHA for Rune Arm DCs

With the adjustments indicated above, the build remains good to go as is :) Enjoy!