Kali's Bard Swashbuckler HYBRID Melee/CC+ Insta-kill Caster build


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Kali's Bard Swashbuckler HYBRID Melee/CC+ Insta-kill Caster build (click me!)

The links above will take you to the main thread, where you will find details/ screenshots for this build. Hope you find it useful, and I would be really grateful if you could post any questions and constructive comments/ suggestions in the original thread via the link.

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Build Designer. Having fun since 2006!
I am contemplating the possibility of transforming this build into a Dragon Lord T5/Swashbuckler using hand axes, for the strong weapon crit profile it can reach:
Critical threat range
> 20: Hand Axes​
> +1 feat bonus: 'Improved Critical: Slashing' (feat)​
Heroic enhancements/spells
> +2 competence bonus: Bard's 'Swashbuckling* [C3]' {base bonus}
> +2 competence bonus: Bard's 'Swashbuckling* [C3]' {*doubled bonus if you have the IC feat}
= 15-20
Critical damage multiplier
> x3: Hand Axes​
Heroic enhancements/spells
> +2 competence bonus: Dragon Lord's 'Conqueror [T5]'​
= x5

Crit damage multiplier boosts = +1
Epic Destinies
> +1 on 19-20 rolls: Fatesinger's 'Blade Song [T5]'​
= x6
Expanded Vorpal threat range = +1 (19-20)
> +1: 'Perfect Single Weapon Fighting' (feat)​
I have not done any detailed planning, just brainstorming some possibilities:
> Bard 15/Dragon Lord 5?
> Bard 14/Dragon Lord 6?
Either option would remove the trapping aspect of the build.

> Bard 12/Dragon Lord 6/Rogue 2?

Perhaps removing the bard + the caster hybrid aspects completely, and being fully melee focused?
> Dragon Lord 15/Bard 3/Rogue 2?

Perhaps leave this build as is, since it's great fun to play, and make a new alt?

Whichever choice I take, it would take a me a while to get this properly planned + at endgame in the live game, but it looks like it will make a fun variation with a slightly similar playstyle to the one I have now.

In the meantime, below are notes ref U66 changes for the build as it currently is:

U66 changes (updated in the forums and DDOBuilder file)
Basically no active changes required for this build.

> The key passive changes all seem positive:
  • Fatesinger
    • Core abilities now grant +15 HP
    • DC for Discord abilities (melee/ranged) is now 20 + highest mod + stun DC
    • DC for Discord (spell) is now 20 + highest of int/wis/cha + evocation DC
    • Little bit of Music and Master the Acoustics have swapped places in the tree

  • Shadowdancer
    • Core abilities now grant +15 HP and +25 SP.

  • Machrotechnic
    • The cooldowns of the Hammer Time spells and the damaging Epic Strikes have swapped places - leaving the Sonic and Electric Epic Strikes at 10 seconds and the Hammer spells at 15 seconds.
All in all, the build is good to go as is :) Enjoy!