Romantic Sonnets and Silver Flame Hymnals ~ Where to farm


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Death House has a few collectibles pre-basement and as a plus can be difficulty adjusted for T2 or T3 and might not have to alert/fight anything
iirc it spawns 2 of 4 bookshelf/cabinets each instance (all lore)
1st Floor Cabinet
2nd Floor Bookshelf
3rd Floor Cabinet
4th Floor Cabinet


Yep, you'll need a high Jump skill or potions to boost it to make it a fast run but you can grab 5 collectibles in 90 seconds (I believe 3 Lore, 1 Natural, 1 arcane). Run along the tops of the shelves where you can to facilitate movement.
With Invisibility, haste and jump - you can get in and out very quickly. I have pulled hymnals on casual/normal/hard elite. Its one of my favorite farming quests.