U60 Occupy Stormreach Part Deux


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Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end...

Will be interesting to see if we can get people engaged this time around as well, of if the time for such things has come and gone.


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Other than the devs have more work than they think on fixing conquest in a ton of quests. LOL Actually it's more funny than not that SSG doesn't know how many quests there are.

Over all I don't mind the changes. I think I like them more when there is a large vocal majority against. That and I don't like being astro turf for some cause.

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The old event/thread is listed in the Hall of Fame:

It does inspire indeed.




I'll be there.

Also, I'm starting to reach for content creators to see if anyone is in need of a topic/subject for their medias. I'm sure a company suggesting a 30% "grind" increase to a 17 year-old game that requires many years of gameplay already for a maxed character might be interesting enough for a vídeo, or at least serve to tell their audiences that this is a game/company to avoid.

If anyone with any Twitter presence at all could @ places like Kotaku and PC Gamer, all the better.


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Good luck, sincerely.

While I agree with why you are wanting to stage another protest I'm way too mentally tired and jaded to be there in person - but I hope y'all win out in the end. I just don't think the current development psyche is willing to accept that they're not unshakably correct on whatever decision they happen to be making. While, yes, the former protest forced the Devs' hand* and made them change course - I have no faith that the current Dev team will do anything beyond stick their head in the sand and keep telling themselves no, no - it's the players who are wrong.

*involve the Gaming Press from the get-go. Honestly, it was never our voices or opinions that forced the change, it was the negative press Turbine generated by the fact that the protest happening at all. If the same thing doesn't occur this time now that SSG is at the helm, y'all have zero chance. They'll just wait for it to fizzle out and be silent as per usual. But, if it becomes unavoidable again by getting exposure beyond the game itself...

Again - I wish y'all the best and all the good luck I have to lend.

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Was this a serious thing before? There were a lot of factors that likely influenced the outcome we got, and I'm not sure that "Occupy Stormreach" was the deciding factor. I mean- do whatever you want with your time- but I won't be spending time on July 4th just standing around on a virtual bridge.

Also- not for nothing but the new round of proposed XP changes look far better than the first round. While I'm not completely pleased with the current proposal, at most it means I might have to run an extra 2-3 quests per level. All in all, not that big a deal.


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While your efforts are well meaning, there are two things you've failed to consider...

1) There's no way you'll get more than 30 toons on that bridge without the server crashing. (Player egos individually weigh more than a parked semi-tractor)

2) Even if #1 weren't an issue, you'll never get that many to participate with Hardcore season ongoing.

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Well it has been almost 10 years I think it might be time for another visit.

This event is in response to proposed changes in U60

A link the old forum post on the old forum.

Since it is clear from the last two forum threads about the intended changes coming in U60 and alternative solutions mentioned by many of us are not being heard or listened to at all I guess the next step is clear.

I propose during the upcoming 4th of July we all stop buying items from the store and simply reoccupy Stormreach just like we did before.

Market bridge all characters all accounts log in and simply stand together in protest to show our solidarity. It worked before and it can work again.
No quests, No purchases, Lots of LFMS in protest, lets open the flood gates and OCCUPY STORMREACH all over again.

In order to see that this is not just a DDO forum thing I and hopefully others will be blasting it out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Discord Channels and any other social media outlets to make this the biggest event in DDO History. Let's make this 4th of July count.

This event will begin at 8am CST July 4th and will continue until SSG comes up with a clear solution to the problem they have put forward that does not hurt us the players or them.

There have been so many conflicting dev posts as to what they are trying to achieve that it is clear to me that it is time they heard our voices clearly.

I don't have them all so if you post them I will consolidate them here in hopes of showing just how disorganized they are.

We've had a lot of great feedback in this thread, but one thing that we haven't seen a lot of feedback on is suggestions to get players back to the XP/minute and general questing speed that was taking place prior to Update 59. We have seen a very significant increase in general speed of play...

"it may well be that the final product that is released does impact for some players xp/minute calculations"

We are doing some updates to the XP system to increase incentives for killing monsters, and to make it a little less confusing. This all ties into a series of changes to make running past large numbers of encounters a less desirable behavior because of what it does to our servers due to pathing costs.
You can count on me!!

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This is funny. Lack of game balance doesn't initiate a call for the player base at large to "send a message", but reducing speed of progression does. Just goes to show you that the community in general doesn't care about having a fun playing experience, only stroking their egos with meaningless "achievements".

What happens when people reach the end of the grind? They add more grind. If they keep adding more grind, and people keep grinding, the obvious conclusion would be that people want to grind. So as long as you're grinding...why do you care how fast you're going? 30% xp nerf sounds like 30% more time spent on your wheel.


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This is why I'm going to be there. The new random SUPER LAG since update 59 makes the game unplayable at times. I restarted my computer 4 times to make sure it wasn't on my end. I have many other videos showing normal game play. I have a Very Powerful computer and a dedicated graphics card. My husband was sitting right next to me and wasn't experiencing the lag so not the wifi. Other guildies have had this happen to them, Others in the forums have had this happen to them.

It comes down to them having to spend money on more servers which they don't want to do. Instead they are trying to recalculate things in the background, create DA debuffs for zergers, working on monster pathing and recalculated the hits in U59 to try to remedy the server overload. BUT there is clearly still server overload and client/server connections occurring.


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This just seems like a bad case of premature evacuation... Things don't seem to be set in stone (yet). If things don't settle out well after testing... then you can get out the torches and pitchforks! ❤️‍🔥
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