Kali's Alchemist Vile Chemist HYBRID Melee/CC+ Insta-kill Caster build


Build Designer & Fun Lover!
Welcome to my build repository! I've been playing since 2006, and I play to have fun: I don't really care about 'the META'. I have 23 alts, so I actively play practically every class and race available in the game. I design all my builds fully from scratch. Hope you find them useful, and constructive comments/ suggestions are always welcome!

If you would like to contribute towards this effort, any donations will be greatly appreciated. If not, please don't worry: sharing is caring! Just sit back and relax, and enjoy the builds!

13. Kali's Alchemist Vile Chemist HYBRID Melee/CC+ Insta-kill Caster build
DDOBuilder file for this build. You can find and download Maetrim's DDOBuilder here.

Preface to the build

This thread aims to provide the very 'core' of the build:
  • show how it started: its key aims
  • indicate the key decisions that can be made to achieve those aims: stats, skills, feats, heroic enhancements, epic destinies
  • all numbers are based on what a first-lifer (or someone with minimal past lives) would have, unbuffed, outside of reaper mode (they do, however, include equipped gear and partially completed filigrees). They are real characters, and those are the numbers I can offer.
  • numbers are indicative of the potential minimum amounts that can be achieved with the investments that were proposed
  • provide a 'photo' of what your character could look like at endgame during quite a few lives of their 'TR hamster wheel' journey
  • show the 'foundations' to be built upon, if a player decides to embark on the 'TR hamster wheel' and go out there to hunt for rare bonuses
  • gear choices are NOT part of the core build, but rather one of the most important ways to invest in the key elements of the core build to make the aims work. It has been added here simply to suggest options/ inspire. No promises are being made towards keeping this updated upon the release of new content.

DISCLAIMER: nobody in real life has been injured on the making of this thread, and nobody will suffer injuries in real life if they try it. DDO is an awesome game, and trying-and-testing + making changes to suit your specific play style are a very healthy aspect of the game. It's how you learn and get better! Try not to stress too much about what some people have to say about how you play your game. Not everyone gets that this is a game, that people are not the same, and don't want the same things! The Mountain has many paths. Have fun!

Aims of the build

Primary aim(s):
1. Melee DPS:
> some AoE attacks:​
> Shadar-Kai's 'Spiked Chain Attack' (auto-granted racial feat)​
> {+20% dmg, +1 Critical Threat Range, and +1 Critical Multiplier}: performs 3 AOE melee attacks using stats from main-hand weapon
> Vile Chemist 'Poisoned Strikes [T2]'
> {+30% dmg}: multi-target attack
> Vistani 'Rapid Slash [T1]'
> {+30% dmg}: multi-target attack
2. interweaved with Insta-kills (2 spells):
> AoE (1):​
> Primal Avatar​
> 'Mass Frog [T5]'
> Single target (1):
> Alchemist
> 'Turn to Frog'
3. Enemy de-buffs:
> Strip Poison immunity {for 20s}:
> Vile Chemist
> 'Poisoned strike [T2]'
> SLA: 'Greater Wave of Poison [T5]'
> SLA: 'Wave of Poison [T3]'
> FORT save de-buffs (both insta-kill spells + Mass Flesh to Gold have FORT saves):​
> 'Contaminated' enemies -1 FORT per hit, stacks 4 times
> Vile Chemist's 'Toxic Augmentation [T3]'
> 'Contaminated' effect applied via:​
> Vile Chemist's 'Poisoned Strike [T2]'
> Vile Chemist's SLAs: 'Greater Wave of Poison [T5]' + 'Wave of Poison [T3]'
> Alchemist spells: 'Poison Breath' + 'Venom Concentration'
> -1 FORT per hit, stacks 5 times / Crits: CON dmg / Vorpal: vulnerability
> Alchemist's 'Greater Heartseeker Poison imbue' (spell)​
> Inflict stacks of Vulnerability:
> 'Contaminated enemies gain 1 stack of Vulnerable on hit, stacks 20 times
> Vile Chemist's 'Contaminated Strikes [T5]'
Secondary aim(s):
4. AoE Crowd Control:
> Alchemist spells:
> 'Glue Bomb'
> 'Flash Freeze'
> 'Mass Flesh to Gold'
> Draconic Incarnation:
NO Save
> 'Daunting Roar [T3]' (25% chance to paralyze for 6s) via:
> Draconic Incarnation's 'Energy Vortex [T4]'
> Alchemist spells: 'Poison Breath' + 'Gold Breath'
> Legendary Crown of Snow
> 'Freezing Ice effect' (chance on spell casting)
5. Strong offensive casting (frequent use):
> Mostly Poison:
> Draconic Incarnation
> 'Energy Vortex [T4]'
> Primal Avatar
NO Save
> 'Shard Storm [T2]'
> Alchemist spells:
> AoE:
> 'Poison Breath'
> 'Gold Breath' [Fire + Bludgeon]
> DoT:
NO Save
> 'Venom Concentration'
> SLA: 'Greater Wave of Poison [T5]'
> SLA: 'Wave of Poison [T3]'
> some Negative:
> Alchemist
> 'Curative Admixture: Inflict Critical Wounds' (AoE)
6. Finding & disabling traps + opening locks

Key stats & synergies

Key abilities toolbar (main rotation):

A. Intelligence for melee combat:
> To-hit & dmg: Alchemist's 'Battalion Brew' (bonus feat, min lvl 4)​

B. Two-Weapon Fighting style:
> Off-hand attack chance = 100%:​
Base bonus
> 20%​
> +20%: Two-Weapon Fighting​
> +20%: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting​
> +20%: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting​
> +20%: Vistani's 'Double Daggers [T4]'​
C. Attack speed = 20%:
Enhancement bonus
> +15%: Gear/ Augment/ Haste spell​
> +5%: Vistani's 'Blade Master [C6]'​
> Attack speed boost = +30% (total 50%)
[Alchemist's 'Haste Action Boost' (spell)]
> Unlimited charges {mana cost, for 20s every 40s}

D. Doublestrike
> Main hand =53%
Doublestrike breakdown:
> +5%: Vistani 'Quick Reflexes [C3]'​
> +5%: Vistani 'Celerity [T3]'​
> +3%: Vile Chemist 'Hidden Blades I [C3]'​
> +3%: Vile Chemist 'Hidden Blades II [C4]'​
> +3%: Vile Chemist 'Hidden Blades III [C5]'​
Gear bonuses (inc Set bonuses)
> +15% artifact bonus (set bonus)​
> +15% enhancement bonus​
> +3% quality bonus​
Filigrees (inc Set bonuses)
> +1%: 'The Serpent' (single filigree)​
Unknown source
> +0%: ???​
> buffable to 73%: sustainable 100% of the time {for 10s; Cooldown: 10s}
> +20% morale bonus: Vistani's 'Rapid Slash [T1]'​
> buffable further to 103% in reaper mode (capped 100%)​
[Dread Adversary's 'Reaper Strike [T1]']​
> Off-hand = 65% of total:​
Base bonus
> 50%​
> +15%: 'Perfect Single Weapon Fighting'​
E. Weapon Critical profile = 16-20/ x3:
Critical threat range
> 19-20: Daggers​
> +2 feat bonus: 'Improved Critical: Piercing' (feat)​
Heroic enhancements/spells
> +1 competence bonus: Vistani's 'Plays with Knives [C4]'​
= 16-20
Critical damage multiplier
> x2: Daggers​
Heroic enhancements/spells
> +1 competence bonus: Vistani's 'Plays with Knives [C4]'​
= x3
Average additional base damage = +50%:​
Critical threat range 16-20 = 5
Critical damage multiplier x3 (-1 to remove base) = 2
> 5 x 2 = 10
> Each point = 5% more average base damage​
> 10 x 5% = 50%

> Crit damage multiplier boost = +0
F. 20 imbue die: Poison dmg (scales Spell Power)
Imbue die breakdown:
+5 die Feats
+2 Embodiment of Law​
+3 Scion of Earth​
+8 die Heroic enhancements​
+5 Vile Chemist C2 (+1 @Alch 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18)​
+3 Vile Chemist (C3-5)​
+6 die Epic Destinies​
+3 Primal Avatar (Tier 3)​
+3 Draconic Incarnation (Tier 3)​
+1 dice Augment​
+1 Emerald of Arcane Empowerment​

= total 20 die, sustainable 100% of the time

G. 2 Sneak Attack die
SA die breakdown:
+1 dice Feats
+1 Dark Hunter class feat (passive) (@lvl 1)​
+1 dice Epic Destinies​
+1 Shadowdancer (C1)​

= total 2 die, sustainable 100% of the time
H. Extra melee damage:
> Extra Weapon dmg = +1.25{W]:
> +1[W]: Vistani 'Deadly Blades [T3]'
Airship Buffs
> +0.25[W]: 'Ninja Assassin'
> Extra Melee Power:​
> 'Arcane Warrior' (feat)​
> Chance for extra dmg on melee attacks {can only strike once every 5s):​
> Primal Avatar's 'Mantle of Nature: Thorn [T2]' (scales Spell power)​
> Vistani boosts:​
> 'Vistani Fortune [C5]' (random for 60s, 60s cooldown):​
> Coins: +5% Doublestrike​
> Swords: +15 Melee power​
> Poison damage shield {on being hit}:​
> Draconic Incarnation's 'Scales of the Dragon [T3]'​
I. > Burst damage:
> Primal Avatar's 'Greater Form: Thorn Cloud [T5]'​

J. Main Spell DCs:
> Transmutation (105+)
> Conjuration (96+)​

K. Main Spell Powers:

> buffable:
> 'Wellspring of power' (feat) {for 30s, 180s cooldown}
[double duration with Draconic Incarnation's 'Pull from the Wellspring [T4]']
> +150 Universal Spell Power
> +20% Universal Spell Critical Damage

> Extra Spell Power:​
> 'Arcane Warrior' (feat)​
> Extra damage on offensive spellcasting:​
> 'Mantle of Nature: Thorn [T2]'​

L. Trapping:
> Very high INT:​
> Search + Disable traps​
> Evasion: Alchemist's 'Liquid Luck' (feat)​
> INT for Reflex saves: 'Insightful reflexes' (Alchemist auto-granted feat)​
M. Survivability (after all, soul stones do zero dps):
> Hit Points bonus = +25-30%:
Competence bonus
> +15%: Vile Chemist's 'Chemical Body [T5]'
Legendary bonus
> +10%: Winter set
Insightful bonus
> +5%: Primal Avatar [T4] (*after using a shrine)
> Dodge chance = 43%
> +2%: Monk's 'Flurry of Blows'​
> +12%: Monk's 'Ultimate Ocean Stance'​
> +8%: Vile Chemist's [C2-5, while in Orchidium, 2% each]​
Gear bonuses (inc Set bonuses)
> +14% enhancement bonus​
> +6% insightful bonus​
Unknown source
> +0%: ???​
> High Dodge Cap = 43%
> 25%​
> +8%: Monk's 'Ultimate Ocean Stance'​
> +8%: Vile Chemist's [C2-5, while in Orchidium, 2% each]​
Airship buffs
> +2%: 'Fencing Master'​
> Concealment = 50%:​
> Alchemist's 'Displacement Draught' (spell)​
> Deflect Arrows (1 projectile every 6s):​
> Vistani's 'Knife Jugler [C2]'​
> Damage Mitigation:​
> PRR = 180+ / MRR = 50
> PRR buffable to 265+: Orchidium reaction 'spike' (for 12s, PRR bonus equal to (10 + (Alchemist Level x 4)​
> Defensive Roll (feat): when below 20% HP, each time you are struck with an attack there is a percentage chance equal to your Reflex save that the attack does half main damage, and its special effects are negated (as if you were blocking)
> Vile Chemist's 'Brushed Aside [T5]'​
> Reflex Saves = 105+​
> Physical damage absorption:
> Draconic Incarnation's 'Scales of the Dragon [T3]'​
> Alchemist's 'Goldskin Potion' + 'Stoneskin Potion (spells)​
> Immunities/protections:​
> Fear Immunity: Vistani's 'Mist Stalker III [T3]'​
> Energy Drain Immunity: Vistani's 'Mist Stalker IV [T4]'​
> Alchemical energy resistance = +15%: Alchemist's 'Elemental skin' (spell)​
I share some strategies for general defensiveness and survival in this thread. Come visit if you feel it could be useful to you!

The 'core elements' of the build

Class(es): Alchemist (18)/ Dark Hunter (1)*/ Monk (1)
* due to feat order and requirements (BAB), but Rogue would be possible too, with feat tweaks, but potentially making sacrifices
Race: Shadar-Kai (requires a +1 heart to swap Rogue level out and start with Alchemist, due to feat order + requirements)
The Iconic +1 TR isn't very easy nor intuitive, so here's some help:
  1. You create the character and it enters the game in a special 'starter area' at level 1 as a rogue.
  2. You'll then need to speak to the person in the starter area, and 'refuse training'. He will ask if you are sure, and you can say yes. What you are basically refusing is him training you level by level up to 15 as a pure rogue.
  3. You then need to leave the area by a door that will become available, and then make your way out into the normal game world.
  4. Look for a normal class trainer. Basically, you need to level up one by one, at the class trainer that you want for each level (so at level 2 you want the monk trainer, then all the rest of the levels until 15 you want alchemist).
  5. When you reach level 15 you will be ready to TR+1. Make your way to the Reincarnation grove.
  6. When you are back at the character creation phase (as if this was a new char), make sure to choose alchemist, and a window will pop up warning you this will count as a class change.
  7. Then enter the world, refuse training again, seek the class trainers, and follow the levelling order in the feat list below!
Alignment: Lawful Good (Monk restriction)
Main stat: Intelligence (level ups here)
Starting stats (36 pts): STR: 08/ DEX: 14*/ CON: 18/ INT: 18/ WIS: 08/ CHA: 06
* +3 DEX tome req for TWF feats (alternatively, reduce starting CON to 16)
> Search/ Disable Device / Spot / Open Lock​
> Spellcraft/ Heal / Concentration/ Use Magic Device/ Jump (around 10 points)/ Tumble (1 point)/ (any)​
Weapon type(s): Daggers only (Vistani + Monk centered req)
* Kukris unfortunately not usable due to Vile Chemist restrictions (inc. weapon imbue and feats e.g. Battalion Brew)


Heroic enhancements: 83 = 80 + 2 (Racial tomes) + 1 (Universal tome)

Epic Destinies: 65 = 61 + 1 (Tome of Fate +3) + 2 (Fey & Dread tomes) + 1 (Historic tome)


Suggestions for gear
(not part of the core build: choices based on what supports the main aims of the build best, with the intention to suggest/ inspire)

Gear Set bonuses:

(PS: Some choices ref gear cater to a much larger personal scheme/tetris where items need to get shared between several alts at endgame, where I normally play in reaper mode 6-10 skulls).



Most important augments to slot:
+12 Melee Power
+20 To-hit
+1 Imbue dice
+2 profane/ +1 except All Ability scores
+5 insight Intelligence
+2 festive Intelligence & Constitution
+6 equip Transmutation DCs
+2 enhanc Transmutation & Conjuration DCs
+5% insight All Spell Critical chance
+100 equipment to each Spell Power (Potency)
+54 Hit Points/ +32 Sheltering/ +10 resist All Saves

(Suggestions for where to slot them in the DDOBuilder file for this build).

Main Filigree Set bonuses:

Filigrees: 14 = 10 (weapon) + 4 (artefact)

Filigree master plan:
  1. Primarily invest in Spell DC and Intelligence.
  2. Spell Power goes as secondary aim, if/when possible to squeeze in
  3. other effects get the least priority

I am always happy to read, consider and respond to constructive comments/ suggestions / feedback that are provided in a polite and friendly manner. I welcome discussions with anyone who is capable (and willing) to do this. Some discussions may lead to both parties simply agreeing to disagreeing - that's absolutely fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion after all!
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Extra suggestion to make the most of this thread:

I do recommend having Maetrim's DDOBuilder open while looking at my threads, as this will enable you to:
- hover over the abilities listed and learn more about them
- experiment with changing things and seeing if they would work better for you, before doing it in the live game
- get a general overview of the key aspects of the build

I arrange my DDOBuilder screen as per the image below (not this build in the image), as it helps me view the key aspects of my builds far more easily than opening and closing a bunch of windows. Just thought I'd share, in case its useful:

Maetrim's builder is really amazing, I highly recommend it!
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Spell DCs: hybrids vs pure casters

I strongly recommend NOT swapping out any investment (e.g. feats, enhancements, etc.) made to increase spell DCs, even if your character has all past lives.

To expound on my reasoning, I thought I could go over some of the main differences between pure casters and hybrids ref spell DCs, bearing in mind that the table below makes several generalisations, so things will vary between different classes/ races/ specific choices made by players/ etc.:

Pure castersHybrid caster + melee/ranged
- tend to stay pure, rather than multiclass, so normally benefit from +4 to their main ability score from the core 6 capstone (= +2 DCs)

- many tend to multiclass, and therefore, miss out completely on the capstone ability score bonus
- some stay pure (like my Blight Caster hybrid), but they tend to go with a melee/ranged-focused tree as their main tree, and the capstones for those often grant only +2 to main ability score, and +2 CON
- can acquire an extra +6 (or more) to their main ability score from heroic trees:
+2 from tiers 3 & 4 of main caster tree
+2 from tiers 3 & 4 of secondary caster tree
+2 racial tree
+? universal tree
A couple of examples of this from my Wizard and Favoured Soul builds
- it is not always possible to acquire as much from the heroic trees, often because of the need to support the melee/ranged aspect:
- haste boost,
- enhancements to change the ability score to-hit & dmg
- trances, etc.

- heroic trees often grant +2 (or more) to the main spell school(s) of their respective classes
- some races (e.g. Dragonborn, Deep Gnome) grant bonuses to specific schools
- many tend to go with a melee/ranged-focused tree as their main tree, and these often do not grant any bonuses to spell DCs
- hybrids tend to be AP tight, so in the racial tree aspect, those with racial past lives would have a stronger chance to achieve similar DCs
- being a pure caster often means having enough feat slots to acquire feats such as:
- Purchased: Past Life: Wizard, granting +1 to all spell DCs
- Great Ability (x2) [Epic feat slots]
- hybrids tend to be very feat tight, as they need to invest both in casting and melee/ranged, so this bonus might not always be taken

- the following feats could potentially be considered essential for DC casting, so are often taken by pure casters:
- Spell focus: school
- Greater Spell Focus: school
- Epic Spell Focus: school [Epic feat]
- Spell Speciality [Epic Destiny feat]
- Metamagic: Embolden Spell
- Metamagic: heighten Spell (for some classes)
- Scion of (spell DCs options)
- Passive: Past lives (inc Completionist feats)
- it is possible to make a similar investment to a pure caster, while still having room to invest in the melee/ranged aspect (as well as on some spellpower too)
N.B. The main spells this build uses at endgame would have limited benefit from heighten: overall, those specific spells, do have similar DCs to a pure caster investing in those 👈 without heighten

- caster EDs often grant the following DC bonuses:
+4 to all schools [cores 1-4]
+3 to a single school [tier 3]
+3 to all schools [tier 5]
- hybrid EDs (Fatesinger inc) grant the same bonuses

- Gear: the following stackable bonuses to spell DCs are considered by many to be essential for DC casting:
- equipment bonus
- enhancement (Gianthood augments)
- insightful
- quality
- sacred
- profane
- exceptional
- artifact
- it is possible to acquire all these bonus types for at least a couple of schools, while still having room to invest in the melee/ranged aspect (as well as on some spellpower too)
- thanks to sets like 'Masterful Magewright' and 'Part of the Family' + 'Wallwatch', it is possible to combine a 3-piece set for the melee/ranged aspect, while adding a DC casting set bonus too.
N.B. Isle of Dread and Vecna use the cloak slot as a requirement for the 3-piece set, so this would not be possible

- filigrees can provide a large bonus to spell DCs:
- set bonuses (e.g. Eye of the Beholder 4-piece)
- filigrees that grant ability score bonuses
- doubling-up the same type of filigrees, by slotting one in the weapon and the other in the artefact (e.g. Eye of the Beholder (raid) +2 INT x2)
- though at the detriment of the melee/ranged aspect of the build, it is possible (and I personally strongly advise towards this) for the same investment to be made for a hybrid build


This is roughly the 'formula' I use to make my hybrids work, and by this I mean to get them to land spells reliably while still benefiting from melee/ranged attacks. A hybrid character will (and should) never be as successful in casting as a pure caster, neither as strong as a pure melee/ranged DPS alt. It's the combination of some of what casters and melee/ranged DPS do that can create a workable output for hybrids, but in the end, both aspects end up lesser than their pure counterparts.

Lesser does not (and should not) mean inefficient, though: it is pointless investing anything in spell DCs if they don't land at all, so in my personal view, spell DCs ALWAYS take priority when it comes to hybrids.

Hope this was useful! :)
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The main thread for this build has been updated to include this, under the main title:
13. Kali's Alchemist Vile Chemist Melee/ CC+Insta-kill Caster hybrid build
DDOBuilder file for this build. You can find and download Maetrim's DDOBuilder here.

Do let me know is anyone has issues downloading the file from Goggle Drive (fingers crossed I got all the settings right!)

Very hopeful this will be a useful addition to my threads: thanks to everyone who suggested this.
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Still working towards editing the main post to include buttons to click and expand info. This is the last build to bring to the new format!
I used the spoiler tool, as it provided the effect I desired: there are no spoilers, though :)

The aim is to reduce potential visual overload, as well as the overall length of the main post. This has already created room to include several breakdowns.

Hope this enhances everyone's experience when visiting and exploring!


Build Designer & Fun Lover!
New formatting with buttons to click and expand is finally completed.

Several breakdowns were added (including Dodge cap, which was requested by some people).

Enjoy! :)
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For hybrid builds like this, I strongly recommend NOT swapping out any investment (e.g. feats, enhancements, etc.) made to increase spell DCs. To expound on my reasoning, I added more specific details in an earlier post in this thread about some of the main differences between pure casters and hybrids ref spell DCs.

Hope this is useful to anyone using this build :)


Build Designer & Fun Lover!
Weapon critical profile section updated to include:
> breakdowns of the threat range and multiplier​
> average additional base damage %​
- for weapon crit profile (after feats/compentence bonuses applied)​
- for crit profile boosts (e.g. on 19-20 rolls)​

Hope this extra info is helpful.