Update 64+ Preview 1 Feedback: Chronoscope Loot

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The monk flavored neck is super neat, but being that it is essentially a copy of the trinket that just got added but without superior reinforced fists, perhaps we could have superior reinforced fists on a different set piece? Like the bracers that badly need a re-work? Which I might add are also part of the red abishai theme


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For legendary gear, the quality stats are great but to make them more interesting, I would have quality (edit: not this: or insightful) tactical buffs instead of what is listed, eg insightful or quality assassinate, quality stunning etc.

Another source of quality spell focus would be wonderful too


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As mentioned previously, because the Might of the Abishai set bonuses are designed for tanks and not DPS-focused characters, the usefulness is diminished quite a bit. Also, the ambiguous bonus to "DCs" should probably clarify whether it's for Spell DCs or Tactical DCs (or both).

Maybe add something minor (but unique) for non-tanks, like Profane Seeker or Profane Imbue Dice?


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Old items count. The actual items are really awkward for tanks beyond the first 2, so Vecna 4 piece is still probably better.


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Adding ML30 raid loot when the level cap is 32 is highly questionable. That design approach is not going to scale when the level cap is 34 and you add Legendary Vault of Night to the game with ML30 gear, or when the level cap is 36 and you add Legendary Zawabi's Revenge with ML30 gear. And please don't tell me that's not going to happen. We all know it will, in a matter of time.

You need to break the mold with this gear and move away from the revamped S/S/S system introduced with Saltmarsh two years ago. Not being able to get mythic or reaper bonuses on raid gear is a Feels Bad issue. Also, having to spend 250 Threads of Fate to get a functional piece of raid loot is unacceptable. For comparison, Sharn raid weapons requiring Threads of Fate to upgrade to their max potential is fine because their un-upgraded base weapon was still quite usable.


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I've never been a fan of the 'three augments for one effect' sets. They just seem like way too much work for way too little benefit.

I get that they give additional value to all those items that don't have a set bonus, but think it through;

Assume you have terrible luck and never get the item(s) you are looking for to drop. Thus, you have to spend raid runes to buy them. After a great deal of effort you can buy three specific items that form a set, which will usually give you three 'set bonus' effects (sometimes more, rarely less... never that I know of at legendary levels). OR... you can grind twice as many raid runes to buy three items w/o set bonuses AND three items to convert into set augments to get ONE 'set bonus' effect. Twice the work for one-third the reward.

Using various 'non set' items from different sources you can potentially get that down to an equal amount of work, but the benefit is always going to be less... and you're giving up three augment slots for the privilege. You can do A LOT with three clear augment slots.

Maybe the 'gear tetris' works out that you absolutely need some specific group of effects and a three augment set is the only way to do it with the gear you have... but more often than not there is a way to do it quicker and with more benefits using items with built in set bonuses.

As such, I might suggest making it easier to create these augment sets. Let ANY item from the raid be used to create any of the augments... or at least have two or three options for each augment.

Also, you can't apply them to items that already have a set bonus... or double them up on one item. Therefore, they are taking item slots away from other potential sets. Since they only give you one effect, they should take up AT MOST two item slots, not three.


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Imo they add those items thinking about today game and don't think how they will get old with time and if those items are weak now then in 1+2 years they will be only sentient food like 60% of today legendary/epic gear

Don't get me wrong it's not like I want every new gear should be op it's just new items should be at least same good as existing

For example vecna items could be good for DPS but atm it's hard to get 3+5 set bc of lack items that give actual bonus for DPS you just have to take caster item to get set bonus...


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OMG I just want something to "chase". get my DDO juices flowing.

Like a super axe or sword or whatever drops in 3 parts in 2 different raids and 1 dungeon.

And yes.. better than the SoS. Way better with speed holes and fire painted on the side.


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OMG I just want something to "chase". get my DDO juices flowing.

Like a super axe or sword or whatever drops in 3 parts in 2 different raids and 1 dungeon.

And yes.. better than the SoS. Way better with speed holes and fire painted on the side.

I was very happy when they add reflection of black razor and the shimes system we need more things like that


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Having considered this new ML 30 loot quite a bit:

For my tank I doubt I will be using any of it.
For my sorc I will very likely be using the 3 piece +10% legendary augment set.
Thats it.

The actual Items I doubt I will be using. If one of the caster rings was made into the following:
+ quality potency
+ exceptional spell crit
+ exceptional spell power
+ insightful spell focus.
I would very much use that. But, based on Steelstars reply last time around he considers that too good so I doubt it will happen.


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I rarely comment on gear/gear effects because I'm usually two updates behind acquiring it at my casual play rate so please bare that in mind with my feedback.



The Disease Guard was not useful in heroic. It is abysmal for Legendary. Maybe replace with Vulnerability Guard (similar sentiment) such as on the Barnacled Buckler. DR 5/Good is meh in epic for Legendary you would have to quintuple it to be noticed.

Legendary Belts:


The basic Armor Bonus is useless even for most robe/outfit wearers. Please replace with Natural Armor or Rough Hide.


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Ran the raid twice on Lam yesterday.

IMO the raid should drop the fully upgraded Legendary versions of all items. It would be confusing to players to have a legendary raid not drop legendary raid loot and it would disincentivize running the Legendary version of the raid if this isn't the case.

Also, how are the set augments going to be dropping? Which named items will you crunch to get those? Or are the devs changing their methodology from prior set augments and having them drop in chests directly?
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