Extended Downtime Notice: Wednesday, August 2nd 12:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) - 11:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT)


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Guessing it'll be back down soon; I'm missing over 1000 DDO points. (glad I screenshotted things last night)
Guildy is missing 10k points...


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Yea, I don't plan on bothering to log into game until they give the go-ahead. Not risking it. Specially with such a huge update. Same with the Website store. It's available to use right now, but even Cordo told me in DMs that it's probably not ideal to use it right now. Ironically, I got paid today... so trying to purchase the Mini Expansion as soon as it's safe to do so.


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Some people are saying their points went up; others went down. This is going to be a major cluster for SSG. Wouldn't be surpised if they close the worlds and rollback/fix the data.


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The game worlds have reopened. We temporarily have the updated DDO Store unavailable while we check out a few things. We'll keep you updated.


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"As I compensation for your inconveniences with today update we will give you two Otto's box (one Heroic and one Epic)" - could be true... but, will never happens

Oh sh*t


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well I loaded in, and the store is down.. so mebbe they're gettin y'all yer points back.. I know I had less than 100 pts ..so I'm not too worried about it


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I still have my paltry 90 points. I guess I was it was not enough to bother with. Which is good and kind of insulting as well. :p


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And if I play right now, what happens with my new favor points earned while the points database is wrong?